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  1. Am I getting 6 Points?

    Does quite work like that.
  2. Am I getting 6 Points?

    Speak to your insurance about it. You may well have still been covered.
  3. Driving on Pavement

    Get proper legal advice.
  4. Is my ex harassing me?

    Could be. Call 101 to speak to someone.
  5. Not sure it's lazy policing answering a question based on the info provided. If it's purely someone locked out wanting to get in then other than violence to secure entry theres nothing else. Reads like Foulkes v CC Merseyside.
  6. But on the flip side unless there's info to say otherwise you can't say it's criminal either.
  7. Unlikely to help get in a) not our job and b) using force would be an offence. No offence to locking someone out? No offence trying to get back in your own home.
  8. Question of law: What constitutes in "uniform"?

    There is no definition however the caselaw tends to suggest you just have to be 'recognisable' as a police officer. However I've never seen a charge from CPS when officers have been in plain clothes (but wearing PPE) and a power was worded "an officer in uniform" Add to that even your post says "plain clothes" it would suggest you're not in uniform.
  9. Seriously, the best you can do is a WW2 example?
  10. Not worth contacting police as some of the offences you have disclosed have a 6 month limit. As for the rest it probobly would not be in the public interest to resurrect due to how much time had passed and the minor level of the incident.
  11. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    You get issued with it to then get trained how to use it. Same way you need a car to learn how to drive but before you've passed your test.
  12. Witness Statements

    If course you can but how will it work practice? Will you type it then handwrite when there? Handrite it and make copies? Either way it'll look lazy to anyone reading it. You just need to accept it'll take time and do it properly.
  13. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    It locks like a Monadnock Baton which has a button to release it on the bottom.
  14. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    Will all depend on the type of baton you have.
  15. Witness Statements

    I don't write if they're willing to attend court. It's on the back of the MG11 anyway so why write it on the front.