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  1. Common Assault Charges

    Speak to the free and independent legal advice you’re entitled to.
  2. Is not illegal to carry cuffs in most circumstances. Nor would it be illegal to use them proportionately, however I’d advise against doing so. A minor mistake could leave you open to criminal and civil liability.
  3. Wait till the police get in contact then get real legal advice not off a public forum.
  4. There’s no limit to the time for prosecution for some offences. Till you’ve been spoken to there’s no advice anyone can give.
  5. You’re looking at the wrong definition of harassment. Also, I’d suggest real legal advice not an online forum
  6. taz

    Will it matter either way?
  7. BBC: Brexit: UK to be 'educated' about consequences, says Barnier

    That's some serious extrapolation there. However you do sound like a bitter remainer.
  8. BBC: Brexit: UK to be 'educated' about consequences, says Barnier

    Except none of it legally enforceable.
  9. Flexible working

    Most shifts are 10 hours anyway so they're 4 day weeks.
  10. holidays, pay and pension

    This might help
  11. Am I getting 6 Points?

    Does quite work like that.
  12. Am I getting 6 Points?

    Speak to your insurance about it. You may well have still been covered.
  13. Driving on Pavement

    Get proper legal advice.
  14. Is my ex harassing me?

    Could be. Call 101 to speak to someone.
  15. Not sure it's lazy policing answering a question based on the info provided. If it's purely someone locked out wanting to get in then other than violence to secure entry theres nothing else. Reads like Foulkes v CC Merseyside.