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  1. Nope, still can’t answer your question as there are huge parts missing. Could be normal behaviour depending on the circumstances.
  2. You’ve missed out the part outlining why they’re knocking on the door or what they’re accusing you of doing.
  3. NFA Getting my stuff back.,

    The one in the police station IS your solicitor.
  4. NFA Getting my stuff back.,

    Speak to your solicitor. It’s what they’re paid for.
  5. Selling Imitation Drugs Laws?

    Haha! Yeah. Not sure you would get a victims statment though. 😂
  6. Selling Imitation Drugs Laws?

    Offer to supply controlled substance, misuse of drugs act.
  7. Basic Driving SOPs, need help

    Stop being lazy and trying to cut corners. Just read the document.
  8. Ring 101 and make a complaint.
  9. Iwona

    Call 101 and make a complaint.
  10. Getting a crime crimed

    Make a complaint to the IPCC
  11. Driving / Providing Details

    So, partner has crash your car and not told you about it, no doubt because he knew he wasn’t insured. As above, get legal advice as you both could be at risk of prosecution.
  12. Then you’re just gonna have to cope with the situation then. I personally would rather sleep on a friends couch.
  13. Then contact the court as I said and hope you don’t get locked up on the way. You could always ignore it but when you go to fly on holiday there’s a good chance you’ll get locked up at the airport.
  14. Ospre part 2 vs NIE

    NIE is just the Part 1 with some of the topics removed. Such as drink drive etc.
  15. Contact the courts and try arrange a new time and date. I’d also check to see if a warrant had been issued for your arrest or not.