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  1. This will end badly. There are enough laws in place, it's getting the victims to come forward that's the issue..
  2. You may not like it but the police have no duty of care to the family of offenders. Besides this how would we offer support when we can't dislcolse the details of the investigation/allegation as it has nothing to do with them. It's just how the system works. Your sisters husband will be aware of what happens next as he would have been told. But if he has been charged then he would have been given a court date to attend. The rest would depend on if he pleads guilty or not.
  3. 1 photo is enough to commit a criminal offence, we don't need 1000's. However the IT equipment taken may contain more images, which is why they were seized. You are right it could have been any of the others in the address however it's likely the data the police have (I'm not disclosing here what that might be) suggests it was the person arrested. In that case there would be no reason to interview any others in the address, unless of course somebody else with access wishes to admit downloading indecent images. Police are unlikely to speak to your sister as she is not involved. As for sentencing it would all depend on content of and how bad the photos are.
  4. I gave you my force police as requested. So from reading your reply your group will have less of a problem with your epilepsy and more of a problem with your poor attitude!
  5. Basic driving unless 10 years symptom and medication free, so basically class 2. Most cops dont care about what issues you have as long as you turn up and pull your weight.
  6. Firstly tell your now partner to block him or change his number. Then contact the police and your partner will have to make the complaint.
  7. Sounds like it was handled properly. Your word against his, little chance of successful conviction.
  8. Never said you couldn't, as business, sell to individuals. However if that was all you sold to then it would start to build a bigger picture. Hence why I said 'some explaining to do' rather than they would be commiting an offence.
  9. Although nitrous oxide has been legal in the past, since the Psychoactive Substances Act came into effect on 26 May 2016, it is now illegal to supply or import nitrous oxide for human consumption. If you're pretending to sell it for catering but actually are not then you could be prosecuted. For example if you were selling to individuals rather than businesses then you would have some explaining to do.
  10. GMP issue Samsung active tables and J5 phones to all fronline cops. There are 2 'systems' on each. They have a personal side where you can download apps like Netflix or Candy Crush then a works side where you can access the logs,crimes,emails and local systems as well as PNC checks on people and vehicles. You also take yours and witness statements on them which has digital signature ability. There also in to process of designing and creating 1 program which will replace ALL of our outdated ones.
  11. The argument is that if you can't actually do anything then you're not supporting, you're a hinderence.
  12. It all depends on what your forces policing plan is
  13. Care to elaborate as it's really quite vague.
  14. it always makes me laugh when people think I should be a police officer 24/7 even online. Why should I have to 'hide' I a non public part of the site just to keep the Dixon of Dock Green persona up? Yes I've spent more time answerg you but that's because I chose to not compeled to due to my job. As I've said before I don't think it's unreasonable to ask why somebody wants to know something before I answer you clearly do. But rather than me being the bad guy why has the poster not been challenged about spitting his dummy out and being evasive about why he wants the info? FWIF I don't think he was a journalist, more likely someone charged with an offence trying to wriggle out of it.