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  1. Except the necessity criteria is 'believe' which therefore requires an element of evidence to support your decision. Not just "he might".
  2. You don't have to arrest anyone and your force policy can't make you do it either. The decision to arrest is yours and yours alone.
  3. In short, yes she can even if the comments are polite. She has made it clear she doesn't want you to contact her so could constitute an offence. Yes he's your son and you want to know how he is doing but you've not been with her for years and by the sounds of it made no effort to seek access to your child in that time. Also the fact you were sending more than 2 messages a day would suggest the contact was and probably still is excessive. However the fact she's cut off all contact with your son may go in your favour at court.
  4. If your ex isn't replying, why do you keep asking. Go to court and seek access rights.
  5. As the OP was talking about searching premises that's what I referred to.
  6. Yes, either way offences are deemed indictable. Just remember TWOC and basic harassment are summary only as it's often forgot. Also means you can't S32 search for these summary only offences either.
  7. Yes. If it had said "leaned over to get the attention of the staff and in seeing the burger decided to steal it" then it's 9.1b. It's all about when the intent to steal was made.
  8. Depend on her intent when she reached over the counter. If it was to steal the burger then it's 9.1a.
  9. Can't see any threats in your message and if someone's setting off his alarm then there's not a lot you can do as it's doing it's job. Try earplugs.
  10. Link here: but in my force is single sheet attached to the MG11. I'm surprised it was even deemed relivant to the case.
  11. A booklet about how the court process works and what happens if they are called to court etc.
  12. If the offender has been issued with an indefinite sentence they can only be released with permission of the Home Secretary or following a hearing of the Mental Health Review Tribunal.
  13. I'd agree with you...but then we'd both be wrong. It's a bladed article, however could be intended to be an offensive weapon.
  14. You can't have it removed as it's a record of what's happened. She made a complaint, police investigated. You can always make a complaint about the way you were dealt with if you want to. If I'm being honest it's this kind of petty job that I dread dealing with when I go into work.
  15. Contact your solicitor to get the conditions changed.