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  1. Hey K80tey I haven't heard any news either, would be good to hear anything right now even if it was just confirmation about passing the panel interview and what the next stages are. Not really expecting anything to well after the 1st April as I'm sure recruitment isn't on their list of top priorities with all the reshuffling and shift changes that will be going on. Just trying to forget about it for now. Thats good about your run, one less thing to worry about. In fact you just motivated me to go out for one right now! :-)
  2. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Hey, I'm also waiting on word for a start date. I wouldn't mind the waiting so much If I had some sort of official info to go on. Still no mention of a medical or even vetting, I passed my final interview just after Christmas. Ive heard of people passing their final as far back as October! I wonder how may people are currently in the recruitment pool? Hopefully we will all get an update shortly after April 1st.
  3. K80tey, Not sure where I am in regards to vetting,but I know with strathclyde the vetting is complete before the panel interview, then its just some final checks. I would assume the vetting would be completed once they give you a start date as the length of time vetting can take varies. Although It could be different for Csp. As for the fitness I not pushing myself to much, just making sure I'm getting out for a run at least twice a week. I think it more important to enjoy the run rather push yourself till exhaustion, plenty of time for that when you get your start date! :-)
  4. Hi Folks, I'm also in the recruitment pool for after 1st of April, still seems like a long way still to go especially with not much info to go on. Just trying not to think about it to much. My theory is - All the current forces are going have a pool of recruits ready to start when the single force begins. Then (hopefully) a large intake with a big PR drive. It would be a good opportunity to show - Single police force + lots more police = Safer Scotland!
  5. Final Interview

    Hey Linsey, I’m just finding it a little harder to prepare for the final interview, not really knowing what they will ask is a little daunting! Just glad I’ve got this far. good luck for next week.
  6. Final fitness

    Hey, I took a bit of time off after my initial interview, about 5 weeks. Back in training now, was hard at the start not being able to get my old time but can see a big improvement already. Just keep at it and you will be fine. If you did it 7 weeks ago then you can do it now, it just might hurt a little!
  7. Final Interview

    Hi all, first time caller here, I’ve got my final interview next week and just topping up my knowledge of the force. From reading the other final interview posts I’ve gathered that there will be a lot of scenario based questions, which I think I would prefer. Just wanting to know if anyone that has been through the final interview has any advice for me? Do they ask a lot of knowledge based questions as well? Thanks in advance and good luck to all who are in the same boat!