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  1. Welcome. I am currently up at tulliallan, in week 7. Loving it. Started my application this time last year ish, not a lot of advice I could actually give at this stage. Concentrate on the app form, answer the questions in a structured way and bear in mind you need to tick all the boxes. As for the first interview, that is a long way off and you have a lot of other stuff to do before hand. How's your fitness? Search these forums, lots of really great advice.
  2. Missing items.........

    Put it under your trousers, then the trousers then a t towel. Gets creases sharp!
  3. fake harrasment

    Firstly... Wow. Secondly, just leave it now. Why did the police give you a warning? Just for fun? In my experience people usually leave out the myriad of telephone calls and text messages when bringing a story like this.
  4. Missing items.........

    Wooden ruler for your trouser creases. Kettle for your room (if you like coffee like me), lots of paper and pens. Red bull. A long handcuff key and key holder for utility belt (if not force supplied). A lighter, (for stripping bull and burning loose threads). Bottled water... And if you've had the week I've just had, bleach and cleaning products...
  5. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Just back for weekend... Week 4 done. Can't believe how quickly it has all gone !
  6. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Don't sweat it. It's not that bad. Just finished week 3... It's flying by.
  7. Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    I'm starting week 3 - not done a 5 mile run yet (well I have but only in my own time), you can take your running jacket but you will be told to take it off. It was chucking it down on Thursday and was windy, still had to do the mile and a half tho. Bleep test is only done once, week 2. Be ready to run outside, in rain, snow, ice as criminals don't start running only in nice conditions so train to be faster in them too. Things to do before - interval train, push-ups, sit ups (you will be tested on both of these), watch videos on bad ost practice, get a plan in place to learn 50odd definitions, stock up on protein shakes (you get very little protein in the meals).
  8. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Shorter by bout 100m. The one at tulliallan is a beast!
  9. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Bleep test up at tulliallan, worth thinking about. The college is relentless. Fitness is a massive factor.
  10. Lothian and Borders Tattoo Policy

    People on my intake have tattoos down their arms.... It doesn't matter.
  11. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Applied Aug 11, started sept 12, my fitness was in jan this year so it takes a while!
  12. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Yup. But not as much... Had our first experience of "organised rec" today (pt) was pretty brutal, there's a reason your fitness has to be pretty high!
  13. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Not at tulli till Monday. Been at fettes getting kitted out and what not!
  14. Fitness- 8/10/12

    Had my first fitness test as a paid copper today. It doesn't get any less nerve wracking, I promise you that! Still - 83kg push, 77pull and 10.38 for the mile and a half. Pass is a pass!