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  1. A few questions

    hi, i graduated last summer from manchester and was a special for all my 3 years there and it had no effect on my degree, minimum time is 16 hours a month and that is easily do able. With recruitment likely to remain internal for the next few years in northern forces (ie gmp, cheshire, lancs and merseyside) I would say been a special is the best way to get your foot in the door and also gain experience. Just out of interest what uni do you go to that bans part time jobs?
  2. Canadian Police

    hey, ive had a look into this aswell as im dual nationally. you have to be a candanian citizen for a start, and the recruitment process is so long, would require me to make 3 journeys over to do each stage of the application. Ive heard they do accept applications from serving officers in the UK who are the exception to the rule due to prior experience in policing. Have a look on the toronto police website they have a pretty good breakdown of the recruitment process and speaking to family its similar across the country. hope this helps
  3. Length of SET

    thanks alot for the info. Got a hotel to be on the safe side.
  4. Length of SET

    Hey all. Got my SET date, just wondering how long it last for as ive got to get the last train back home. Starts at 1800 im thinking finished by 2000. Any details would be much appreciated. Paddo