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  1. Hello! :D

    Teaching holidays genuinely aren't as good as you might think, maybe except for the summer holiday. I actually did the maths, overall over a year teachers work 195 days (inc. 5 in-service days) and using the Tayside (Police Scotland) shift pattern officers work 191 days a year. So it is much the same. However, as a teacher I'm forever taking work home to do in weekends, evenings and even during holidays! Don't take that to mean I think joining the Police is an easy option, I know there will be a huge strain on me. Probably in different ways than teaching does.
  2. Tulliallan December 2016

    Good luck to all starting this month! :) (10)
  3. Police movies

    Naked Gun movies (and Police Squad), Hilarious! The Heat, another comedy (Sandra Bullock and Melissa Mccarthy)
  4. Teacher to Police Officer

    That's a good idea s7eed, will think about that. Both are amazing jobs, and if there's opportunity to do both then that could be the ideal scenario. Although I'm convinced policing is a job I want to do. sadly both careers seem to have become more and more marginalised by bureaucracy (but that's a different story )
  5. Hello! :D

    Hi Everyone, Long time member, but not posted much. Always been interested in joining the police. Decided to give teaching a go, enjoy it a lot. But thinking it's time to put effort into joining Police Scotland, because don't think my appetite for becoming a police officer will go away until I actually do it! Great forum you've got here, lots of great support and info! :) JB
  6. Teacher to Police Officer

    Wondering if anyone else has (or is thinking about) moving from a job in teaching to a job in policing. Why did you want to change? How have you found the change in jobs? Was it the 'right' decision? I'm currently a Primary teacher in Scotland, so would be looking to apply to Police Scotland. I did apply before and got to the assessment centre stage of the process but decided to forget about applying again and take up an offer of teacher training. I've not regretted it, teaching is a fantastic job. But have always wanted to be a police officer and don't think that will go away until I do it.