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  1. North Yorkshire Student Officer Recruitment

    If I may, when is November intake and how many are on it ? Is it still CKP or have they reverted to standard training ?
  2. North Yorkshire 2013

    I know there is a PCSO assessment in November. Perhaps this could be the confusion ?
  3. North Yorkshire 2013

    I've heard that all future intakes will require applicants to have gained a CKP qualification before they apply. Same process the Met now follow. If true, im not sure where that would leave those already within the system ? To be fair, that wasn't a requirement when everyone applied in May, so I'd be interested to see how that plays out ?
  4. North Yorkshire 2013

    By the sounds of it they are rushing you through ? Potentially good news ? Although very short notice to get to HQ, hope you didn't have plans ! How are you aware no one has had applications held up ?
  5. Application Put On Hold...

    You are already a PC I presume? This thread is for those applying to become a PC, transferring their assessment scores from one force to another.
  6. Suffolk A/C results

    More than a new cop ! On the new system, new cop is 22k with previous experience, 19k without. PCSO is 18.5k plus shift / weekend allowance = about 24k. This is away from London who get considerably more
  7. North Yorkshire 2013

    I thought that part had been done already KiloWhiskey ? Must admit I'm quite confused with it all. Various people all seem to be at different places ?!?
  8. Navillus, as I understand it there are two parts to the pension. The 'normal' bit and the ill health part. What they are trying to avoid doing is paying out for people who were more likely to have an injury during career. For example if subject 'a' had had ACL damage resulting in possible arthritis later in life, they wouldn't qualify for ill health part of pension. If said subject retired however, having never had a problem then the normal pension would be paid out to you. They are trying to avoid paying out early retirement based on ill health where possible. Ps which force are you applying for our of interest
  9. North Yorkshire 2013

    How was your feedback Adsy ? It's all gone very quiet for me. I contacted HR recently and they told me they're collating all information on candidates for November intakes (vetting, references, medical etc). No further information could be provided at this time.
  10. North Yorkshire 2013

    Lilies I feel for your predicament. It would be much easier to decide if you had received assurances about the March intake, however I understand why HR can't commit to that. Does anyone know roughly how many officers naturally leave North Yorkshire Police per year (retirement etc)? I wouldn't want to second guess recruitment numbers, but that could be a vague guideline if numbers are to be maintained ??
  11. North Yorkshire 2013

    I believe PCSO eye testing is done in house. For PC applications you are required to go to an opticians for a full eye test.
  12. North Yorkshire 2013

    Out of interest, have you had that email re east coast interest Adsy ?
  13. North Yorkshire 2013

    I've not had any communication to that effect. What part of the process are you in ?
  14. North Yorkshire 2013

    Well I got my interview feedback and thankfully it was all positive. On a side note, there are definitely 2 intakes now in November. Obviously this will free up space on the March intake. Continuing on the good news front, the PCC has committed herself to maintaining officer / PCSO numbers at the current level (level when she arrived). I assume this will inevitably lead to further recruitment just to cover those retiring in the next few years. It appears the recruitment drought experienced sine 2009 may well be over........ :-o
  15. Application Put On Hold...

    Any news Gary P ? I hear there has been movement within NYP again ?