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  1. Supposed to be back on the 16th. Maintenance by service provider is the line. I would be less than impressed if server space I was hiring was down for 10 days.
  2. 'If everything else fails, read the instructions' :tongue:
  3. By god sir you said damn!!!!!!!!!!!! did the halo dazzle you when typing?
  4. Thread was started a week early, April 1st is next week.
  5. If you had looked you would find there are plenty of multitools with slip lock blades. Some companies even list the models of Leatherman that are UK legal.
  6. What devastating logic I am responsible and keep my dog under control. you let yours roam free. I am not fit. I refer you to my comment on brain cells.
  7. Stupid and selfish, I am a dog owner of many years I have also had this problem, my dog doesn't like other dogs so he stays on a lead. The most recent idiot came puffing after his dog, a Boxer bitch, exchange something like this, as I am going around in circles trying to keep between my dog and the boxer. Me- ''Put her on the lead my dog doesn't get on with other dogs' Idiot- 'Its ok mate she wants to play' 'She is under control' Me- 'My dog doesn't, and till you put her on the lead she isn't under control' All the time she is getting nearer and my dog is getting wound up. the idiot is shouting at his dog she takes no notice. Me getting well pissed off - 'She gets any nearer he will take her ****ing head off' Idiot- 'well it will teach her a lesson' By then his wife was on the scene collected the boxer and muttered 'I'm sorry' The problem here, if it had come to a fight I have no doubt he would have done her some harm because I would have dropped the lead, then I would have been the one in the wrong. The sort of owner who lets their dogs run free, in public places, if you gifted them a brain cell it would double their count. They give responsible dog owners and their dogs a bad name.
  8. Perhaps a secret maneuver with the mouse could get past the 10 post requirement
  9. Here
  10. No it was a reply to this:- "Some programmes do not need making and the freedom of the press is not always in the public interest" Implying that the ordinary populace should only know what our leaders and other agencies think is good for us. I put the mushroom effect because I didn't want to swear. It translates to, Kept in the dark, and fed *****
  11. Ah, the mushroom approach to citizenship.
  12. Get your local Councillor involved, they can get councils moving. Write to the Chief Executive, address it personally, not about the harassment, but about their failure to act. Ask for an appointment to see whoever is in charge at the PS, never mind emails they have an habit of being lost or not recorded. Make waves. As to non action, can't see anywhere a reference to 'stop being alarmed until we have more resources'
  13. Decent speed, shame about the latency
  14. Ouch, three years repayments!
  15. And how, by just looking at your appliances could he calculate your usage? Sounds like a load of rollocks.