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  1. Hi Fifi, I personally know of 3 people that were waiting for a start date that have now decided too bin their app and move onto pastures new. Im guessing that a few more would have followed suit aswell. Andi
  2. Hi I like many other are in this elusive 250. Waiting since Aug 2009 for a start date. Fifi I've been getting the same message I've tried 3 different email addresses as well as trying to send one internally, same error message!
  3. Update email 30/06/12

    Depressing read non the less Depressing read non the less
  4. Update email 30/06/12

    Depressing read non the less
  5. Update email 30/06/12

    Hi lizzie, where did you get that from? Thanks Andi
  6. Update email 30/06/12

    Well the 'update' email was sent...April this year. I feel that with the further reduction that are in the pipe lines to be imposed, I cant see BJ starting up recruitment as much as I would like him too. He may be able to have away with A19 though. If staffs can have away with it and open up recruitment, I cant see how WMP the biggest force barr the MET cannot, it just doesnt make and sense. Hope everyone had a great Xmas and New Year!!
  7. Update email 30/06/12

    yeah i agree with you there speedy...
  8. Update email 30/06/12

    Im on BN, yeah dont get me wrong, when they are fully staffed both teams worth great, CAPT is very proactive and we get some very good arrests out of it, but on days when response are struggling, its just a knock-on affect. Hopefully Bob Jones becomes PCC and we can all finally start the careers we been waiting to start for the last 5 years, but at the same time, I wouldn't like officers to be retired on A19, just seems harsh to me. Yeah im one of the 224, was waiting for a start date back in 09. Well in 5 years a lot an change, in all honesty I would be very surprised if its still 220 odd that are waiting, people would have given up waiting for the elusive date, or found pastures new.
  9. Update email 30/06/12

    You and me both Finbarfin, 2009 seems like a distant past memory now. Which LPU you on mate? Like you say there has been now new blood for the past 5 years now, and its certainly starting to show on my patch, the CAPT team often loses officers to back fill response as they just cant cope.
  10. Update email 30/06/12

    Yeah so do I mate. However on the BN a fair few bobbies are saying that they've heard rumours of an early 2013 recruitment. I just hope this turns out to be true.....
  11. Update email 30/06/12

    Well there we have...nothing that we didn't already expect!! It's horrible to hear it officially lol
  12. Update email 30/06/12

    Yeah I have the same view. However half of me wants to stay optimistic...😄
  13. Update email 30/06/12

    Yeah I see your point. But they haven't recruited in nearly 3 years now. They have to have an intake soon? I haven't heard any rumours but I think they'll address the situation once CI has been rolled out across all LPUs. That way they can establish how many extra officers if any, they'll need.
  14. Update email 30/06/12

    Hi rich, Yeah same here, heard nothing since the email in jan. How far was you along the process?
  15. Update email 30/06/12

    Hi guys, Has anyone received the update email for this year so far...? Andi