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  1. Parking

    Can meet at either I think
  2. Parking

    Let us know what they say if they get back to you :)
  3. Parking

    Oo ok thanks. On the email it said someone was meeting us at the George Abbott, do we need to get there at a specific time so we all go together? Or do we just turn up to get there before 8?
  4. Parking

    Oo ok so you don't actually have to pay for the car park just the ride bit or is that on top of a car park charge? I'm coming from Staines
  5. Parking

    Yeah it's so annoying! Are the park and ride car parks expensive though? Would rather not have to pay £8 a day on parking!
  6. Parking

    Was wondering where people are planning on parking for training?
  7. Next Intake

    did everyone get the email with a topic list? Are you just revising the topics on this list or going over other stuff as well? Don't know whether to focus my revision or not!
  8. Next Intake

    Everyone get their collar number? :)
  9. Role Plays

    Yeah and it's fine to occasionally look down to remember important questions to ask
  10. Next Intake

    Glad to find out when training we don't have to wear shirts but the black tops instead, far more comfortable!
  11. Next Intake

    Yeah had mine today, had already tried kit on previously having been a special. But def beginning to feel more real :)
  12. Next Intake

    Yeah like family and previous addresses in the last 5 years etc. was in the second email she sent as wasn't on the portal site thing
  13. Next Intake

    There was a lot of paperwork! Found it very repetitive esp in the security questionaire. Next step uniform fitting an collar numbers :)
  14. Next Intake

    Everyone get the email? :)