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  1. I'm in a similar situation, have to go to crown court as a prosecution witness from an incident when I was a special in one force, but will be training as a regular in a different force (hopefully will have finished the initial training by the time the case gets to court - November). Would I have to wear my uniform from the different force or just wear smart clothes? Kind of nervous!
  2. come on England!

  3. Will be escaping this horrible weather in 17 days #AsiaTravels

  4. Cannot wait until I'm in Asia! 28th neeeeds to hurry up already

  5. the hilarious moments your mum refers to people in hospital as 'inmates'

  6. Got scared by the unexpected arrival home of the parentals. Even though they live here

  7. Got £6 on the euro millions #winning

  8. 3 weeks today and the travels begin :D

  9. The sister comes back from Barcelona a vegan. May have to disown the hippy

  10. Looking forward to the return of the sister and a well overdue nandos soon @cupcakeswithtea

  11. 3 weeks tomorrow will be flying off to china #AsiaTravels

  12. The queen must be knackered after this weekend

  13. Someone's depressed about the weather http://t.co/7issgUFt

  14. Amazing fireworks. What a show. #ProudToBeBritish #jubileeconcert