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  1. A ha! Interesting! The officers that I have been speaking to around FHQ all say I will begin learning when I get on area. I'm very much looking forward to it, but its been a very intense 6 months, and the backgroud processes, such as e-files, charging, CPS decisions (to name a few) is all a bit daunting. Thanks for your comments both, maybe I should stop worrying so much?
  2. Good afternoon all. Well, today I passed my final legislation exam and have a week off before going on area! It has been an intense programme and I have been longing for the end, however now it's here, I'm actually quite nervous. I have a bag full of legislative tools, but I feel completely unprepared and worried about getting out into the community and doing my job. Take a domestic for example, I understand that it is important to seperate both parties, complete DASH reports statements, but how does the actual live process work?! Or suspect interviews. I know the PEACE model, how it SHOULD work, but is that the actual done thing out on area? Can I really suspend interviews in the real policing world to plan my challenges etc? Maybe I am over thinking things - the trainers said I sometimes tend to do that. Can any one offer words of wisdom? Rob
  3. Haha fantastic!
  4. I can highly recommend Andy Mcnabb's fictional series. The one to start with is Remote Control, which in my opinion, is the best.
  5. It's got to be a huge bowl of nachos with all the trimmings and an ice cold corona for me.