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  1. I would also (respectfully) point out that the European Declaration on Human Rights is only binding on Government & Government Bodies - it doesn't mean anything to people, companies, or groups of people. tjp
  2. Hmmm - that's not something I've ever heard of. It would also be weird for you to be put on a register without ever making it as far as the police station etc. I'm struggling to see how taking pictures of someone's house on one occasion could be seen as harrassement, as well, if I'm honest. I'd suggest giving the Policeman a ring to ask what he meant? tjp
  3. But Simon, what some members of the middle class class as "yoof being annoying" is young people meeting up with their friends, using a skate park, etc. How is it right that they should face an ASBO for being a teenager? Tom
  4. Sorry, for the uneducated: What's wrong with arresting at the counter? tjp
  5. I'm not really new, but I haven't done an intro yet. I've been flitting around with applying to be a special since September. Now I've had my Front Bike Wheel stolen, I've somehow realised that it is something I want to do (one not to mention at interview, methinks!) I've finally sent off an email to Ruralshire Constabulary; fingers crossed they'll actually want me! tjp
  6. I thought it all sounded a little strange. Perhaps his oscar would be for "best supporting role" rather than "best action movie" in all these exploits.... Yeah; that's what I assumed. Isn't that the Criminal Law Act 1967 (I think), rather than PACE, though? And I've never really understood why it's seen as dodgy? Tom
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm sorry, I've always been a little bit of a lurker. I was talking to a friend of mine who's a PCSO, and he was telling me he now responds to Burglaries in progress on blues, does warrant enforcement, and plain clothes operations etc? Is this a new thing, because I can't find anything about it online? Also, when I mentioned the 30 mins power to detain, he said he didn't need it anymore; he says he can now perform 'PACE Arrests'. Have I got the wrong end of the stick, or is this a traditional policeman's arrest? Thanks, Tom
  8. wrt the Marked Cars for CID, is that such a bad idea? Everyone complains that there aren't enough police on the streets, and it could certainly have a deterrent effect. tjp
  9. Oh yes. So someone needs to find a policeman, and they run to a "Police Box". They turn up, and (fairly unsurprisingly), they're not there. Useful. tjp
  10. No, I think it might be that police officers have to undergo rigerous selection and training, and every day put themselves in harms way to serve the public and investigate crime. PCSOs do adifferent job, which is more focussed around Community Reassurance and ASB. Equally, my mother is a specialist dyxlexia teacher with a BSc (Ed) and a Masters in Special Education. My Auntie Karen is a Teaching Assistant, who works with people with Special Needs. Quite rightly, Mum gets very angry when Karen says she does that same job. tjp
  11. Hi Both, I'm neither a lawyer, Police Officer, or Traffic Warden, but: This whole "taking you to court thing": They would be suing for damages: ie they're saying that you stopped them from using that parking space for X hours, and therefore they've lost Y amount of money because of it. Now, if the store's closed, I find it hard to believe that they'd convince a judge that you'd somehow lost them £95 by parking there, and if it's a free car park anyway (in the case of the flats), then how can you have lost them any money? This whole "Parking Charge Notice" thing: legally, it's just a letter saying "you parked on my land, and I didn't want you to; please will you pay me £X by way of compensation". It's the legal equivilent of me asking if you'll buy me another drink because you've spilt mine all over me. Of course, in the drink example, it'd be a bit rude of you not to - but you're not breaking any law if you say "No, sorry - your glass was pretty much empty, mate..." and walk off.... Personally, I'd ignore the PCN - they'll never take you to court, (because/and) if they did, they'd never win (or certainly not for £95?!) (But please read the bit at the top where I say I'm not a lawyer or a Policeman...) Tjp
  12. Hi, There's an enormous thread somewhere about what shows up on CRBs (and I'm not an expert). But, it's my understanding that an FPN does not show up on a CRB check (although as part of an enhanced CRB, the police are asked to provide "any locally held information that might be relevant", so depending on the job applied for, and the police policy etc. Although I don't think it's very likely). A caution/conviction for theft, obviously, would show up on a CRB for a certain number of years (and if it's an enhanced CRB, it would always show up). tjp
  13. It's worth noting that they keep threatening to take you to court. Apparently, only 3 prosecutions have ever been brought, and the judge threw them all out. tjp
  14. Well if it makes you feel any better, you won't hit any targets for them :biggrin: Tom