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  1. Out of interest, have they said anything about what might happen if Scotland get their 'independence' next week?
  2. Without knowing the full facts, maybe there are some grounds to suspect an offence has been committed?
  3. A test for the Police Family

    I have voted, I am sure many others have but haven't replied to say so. Good luck.
  4. Fed up of pregnant women and Flexi Workers

    As you say, it's nigh on impossible to get rid of the dead wood in the Police. However, in my experience its a lot of the full time workers who dont pull their weight day in day out. A lot of the flexi workers do work when their in. I do agree though that it can impact on the workload of the ft staff, especially during 'unsocial hours'. I guess there is no perfect solution....
  5. Fed up of pregnant women and Flexi Workers

    Bobster sounds a lot like dirkster...
  6. NEWS:Police introduce new body cameras

    If your apparent overwhelming evidence showing you are not guilty of said offence was not admissable to the Court, then that is the responsibility of your defence team and not the CPS. Be aware also the police do not prosecute, the CPS do, and the evidence to prove your guilt had to be beyond all reasonable doubt. I think your hatred of the Police is long standing and had you been found not guilty, it would still exist.
  7. 'The Job'

    Put it into YouTube, still on there.
  8. Highlighter in PNB and MG11

    Highlighter doesn't work well on crayons. Try carrying a pencil case with different colours in.
  9. Starting pay MET

    11% of gross pay
  10. caution. caution +2. caution+3

    This old post should explain it. +2 and +3 are when susp has not been arrested and are being interviewed either at a Police station or elsewhere.
  11. Police use of personal phones to record conversation

    No No No. The seeker...seeking to get a copper sacked?
  12. Statement will be needed in any case. I think most suggestions have been exhausted
  13. #NoConfidenceInTheresaMay

    It's not all about the pay. And the guardian and bbc do not help at all with public perception. If you read the articles a couple of times it's almost as if T May had written them too. Anti Police, anti justice ....might as well just let dangerous criminals walk free. Oh, wait a minute....
  14. Some Help on Day to Day

  15. MET - April intake

    Is it secret?