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  1. Can't wait to get started either. Fitness should be no problem again. Ran it in 9.20 yesterday on the last 2.4k of a 10k. So should be fine. Strength i hope i have no problem with. Bent over row is at 95kg for 5 reps and bench is 90for 5 reps. Seated row is at like 87.5 or something! Just hope i don't get injured on the run up to it. At least i know there's gonna be 2of us there!! Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  2. I've got another fitness test on the 1st of June cause its been that long since my original. Originally done it in November. Nothing to worry about though. Apparently we get our offer of appointment after completion of this fitness. Anyone else in this boat? Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  3. I'm scheduled for the July intake as well for L&B. Will have it confirmed on the 1st of June when I have another fitness test as its been 6months since my original. Get our offers of appointment that day when we pass. The uniform fitting definitely makes it real. Just starting to get excited now. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk 2
  4. @Altair I'm currently an events and entertainment technician. Its a very broad job. Alot of the hours I work tend to be from 9 till 11. So 14 hours minimum with little or no breaks. Self employment doesn't acknowledgments working hour directives! The only supplements i'm on just now are Creatine pre workout and one at night. Aswell as some gainer stuff. A mix of Whey Protein and oats. Its a heavy one to boost calories when I struggle with diet calorie intake. Must admit the hardest thing is sticking to the diet. Not for want of straying but getting the right amount of calories in. You have to almost constantly eat. That's why the shakes are needed. Just to help the diet. Sometimes I end up having three a day. Compound lifts are where the training is at. I do top up the old beach weights occasionally don't get me wrong. But in terms of fitness compound is the one to do in my eyes.
  5. This seems like a great wee topic! I'm currently in the recruitment process still. Just got medical on Tuesday to get passed now. However i have always been in the belief that response officers should be fit enough to respond and react. My current industry does not promote fitness in the slightest. It is VERY long hours and then pub after. I've kept myself out of the pub part. I train every morning at 6am. It makes my days even longer. Even if i'm out on tour I train. Just join a gym at whichever city i'm in at that point. Currently i'm on a wee bulk. Going to start playing rugby again hopefully when my place is confirmed in the service up here. I'm lucky because as i've trained for the past 3-4years continuously I have the strength. Just now im on 3 weights sessions a week and 2 short Cardio to maintain it for college. Still want to be able to run a 9min mile half. The split just now is based on SL5X5. In terms that it is mainly compound lifts. I.e. Squats, DLS, Bent over rows, full cleans, pull ups, snatches, overhead press/push press. Its quite a demanding programme which i will mix up every 4weeks to shock the system. Simple things like change grip to target different areas. change stance to get your core working in different means. I love it. constant progression is so satisfying. Even having to drop weights is good. It gives you the determination to continue. Im only 90kg at 6ft2 hence the change in workout goals. Any advice criticism or views are appreciated. Cheers, Lewis