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  1. cnc pay drop?

    We def don't get a pay cut, £23 odd whilst in training and up to 25 odd after training and annual pay rise. I have the payslips to prove it!
  2. Boots or shoes?

    Cheers dudes sound advice
  3. Cheers for the chippy update, yeah CNC. Just finished first week (of training) and loved it. Despite have the worst head ache of my life due to sinus issues, for the entire week. Really good trainers and the other student officers are cracking.
  4. Cheers Nutty D I'll check it out
  5. Cheers Chris I'll have a look.
  6. vetting

    I'd ring them and give them a heads up regarding the bust company. It will cast you in a good light too if you've made the effort to look into it yourself. It could speed up the process too if you provide them with the contact details you have to save them doing the digging themselves. They will obviously still check them out but it would probably help imo. Alt best Pud
  7. cnc pay drop?

    Hey Keyesy, Did you ever get any joy with HR? Cheers Pud
  8. Guess not. :sad: Anyone???
  9. Impact on family life

    Hi Ardwyn, I start my training next week and also have two young children. I imagine it will effect our lives but not only in a negative way. Whilst the some shifts will mean you don't see your family as much others will mean seeing them more. For instance I will be able to drop them off/pick up at/from play school etc. Obviously I don't have any experience as yet so hopefully some serving officers will advise you on what to expect a little better than I have. I think we'd be kidding ourselves though if we didn't think it was going to have some impact. Chin up and good luck at the A/C. Pud
  10. Boots or shoes?

    Cheers Tim, we do get issued a pair but I was advised to get a second pair for parade etc as the first pair take a kicking on exercises etc. Thanks again. Knee all better ( I hope ) cheers Doll.

    Cheers pal I'll give it a look.
  12. Boots or shoes?

    Cheers Bully

    Yet again Mdon you have enlightened me, you're a top lad/lass. :smiley_notworthy: When you say "......fail on tactics..........." what does that actually mean please? Is it in reference to the firearms or tactics in the other exercises? Thanks again.
  14. Boots or shoes?

    Can anyone advise on me on foot wear. I start CNC trainig in a couple weeks and was given a good tip on buying an extra pair of boots as the issued pair may get a bit of a hammering through the course. I assume boots are more appropriate than shoes? I know they need a toe cap. Cheers Pud

    If anyone does have a more precise idea of the pass/fail rate I too would be glad to know. Cheers people.