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  1. Cheers dudes sound advice
  2. Cheers Tim, we do get issued a pair but I was advised to get a second pair for parade etc as the first pair take a kicking on exercises etc. Thanks again. Knee all better ( I hope ) cheers Doll.
  3. Cheers Bully
  4. Can anyone advise on me on foot wear. I start CNC trainig in a couple weeks and was given a good tip on buying an extra pair of boots as the issued pair may get a bit of a hammering through the course. I assume boots are more appropriate than shoes? I know they need a toe cap. Cheers Pud
  5. Cheers sb, good call I wasn't 100% about that actually.
  6. Me again, can anyone recommend the Magnum boots (probably being advertised below ) or any other brand as I've been looking on various auction sites etc but DMs seem to cost more than my first car, even second hand. Cheers
  7. Boots would, I assume be preferrable to shoes (Dr Martens or similar). Ta
  8. Hi pal, good luck with it. :biggrin:
  9. Nice tip cheers
  10. Don't they provide them?
  11. Alright y'all, When does the new pay scale kick in? I start with the CNC next month and wouldn't put it past our old pal Theresa to stitch me up a second time. I was due to start with Kent Force just before the budget cuts were announced, then got the dreaded call. I know the CNC are independent of the home office but the pay scales are the same. Cheers.
  12. I'm in baby!
  13. Humh, most helpful.
  14. Now then, I'm a simple Yorkie stuck down in the depths of Kent (only joking, sort of) and have a date for my A/C to join the CNC up in Cumbria. I applied to join the Kent force in '08 and was just awaiting a start date when the budget was slashed and my application was terminated. I'm swatting up at the mo on all the usual stuff but wandered if there's owt you wished you'd known/done when you were in my position. Particularly in relation to the CNC or similar? Also having looked around the forum there are quite a few abbreviations that everyone else seems to understand but me. If someone could give a basic 'key' to decode them I'd most grateful. Many thanks