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  1. I got 597023 points while escaping from a Giant Demon Monkey. Beat that! http://t.co/25XedEGh http://t.co/nV6EAqBt

  2. Selling my iPhone 4 just got it unlocked and had it since December £250 works perfect #greatbuy

  3. Currently having a nightmare of watching football with mark lawrenson and Craig burley both commentating on it #shitthebed

  4. News groups are reporting that @G_Markie has gone into hiding after the worst footballing weekend of his life topped off by a pumping @ #MNF

  5. “@piersmorgan: Roy Keane says this is the worst #Arsenal team and I'm getting flak for suggesting a change in Manager? #hisopinionmatters

  6. After 2 hours of intense monopoly play @BlairWRobertson falls victim number 2 of the Mayfair hotel. #GameSetAndMatch http://t.co/dyUss1X4

  7. Who thought p90x would be a good idea ? shoulders have been ripped apart! #rollonthebeefyshift

  8. is it saturday yet ? #elclassico @TheMightyBroty we were robbed last time out! time for #justice

  9. Huge thanks to beefy regular Gordon the Stella drinker for this gift at the end of a mental shift #workinghardforbeer http://t.co/BuACxX1J

  10. Love havin the worlds most ######ed sleeping pattern. Constantly tired but can't sleep #worstever #nightolplease