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  1. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Noticed they are still actively recruiting on the website. Does this mean that there is no set limit on applicants to join ? surely there is a finite amount of places and not everyone can successful? Everybody managed to get hold of all the documents required? Still trying to fish out the educational certificates!
  2. Grampian Police Recruitment

    This second fitness thing had me confused as well. Glad to see it has been cleared up. The 27th would be ideal as my notice period is only one week ! so fingers crossed. as for ready, I believe I am, just been studying the website and talking to a few officers I know. I'm now just a big bag of excitement and nerves. If I dont post again, best of luck to us all and see you Friday!
  3. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Got my email today as well. Yeah not sure about dress code either. Gonna have to fish out all the documents as well. Flex, there is an offer on citylink buses for February you can travel anywhere in Scotland for 2 quid. That's if you can survive the bus journey. Enter "EXPLORESCOTLAND" the the promotional code when you search for the journey and should pop up daily record offer 2.00 as a ticket selection. That should get you there cheap but coming back promo is off as its march. Can't wait for march first now !
  4. Grampian Police Recruitment

    I got told over the phone vetting will take roughly a week. Then upon completion of assessment day 2 we will be vetted deeper. Then all going to plan a medical will be booked 2 weeks or so after the assessment day.
  5. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Chin up ib390. When I failed my first attempt it spurred me on to do better and I feel a much much stronger applicant. I took on board all the feedback and made sure I was over prepared this time around. Hopefully it will have a similar effect on yourself. on a seperate note, any one know roughly how long the vetting process should take ?
  6. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Nice work flex fingers crossed to no hidden surprises in the vetting and see you on the first !
  7. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Hi guys, I was also in said room was one of the first called.interview went well and heard back 9am sharp with some good feedback.suBject to vetting should be back on the first. Absolutely elated. Fingers crossed for the rest of you !
  8. Escapee I found your previous post a great insight on what to expect as I have the inital interview on Sunday. I am wondering if you have a bit more information on what goes on in particular during the interview after the fitness test as there is limited information available. What sort of things should I prepare ? What am I likely to be asked etc
  9. Grampian Police Recruitment

    has any one got any further information on this interview post fitness test ? what sort of things are we likely to be asked ? Any info at all to be honnest, insignificant or vitally important would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Nice one, Thanks for the replies folks. Good luck all!
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  12. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Hi Guys, I have my Fitness and Initial interview on the 10th of Feb also. I passed my SET with a previous force so just the two part day for me. I applied at the start of the month and got confirmation of application about 3 days after, then waited about 10 days or so before they offered me the fitness and interview for the 10th of Feb, so its been a bit of whirlwind Don't know if this was because of my previous application to fife which I failed on the assessment day narrowly ? In reference to previous posts, I called up HR, as I had previously applied for another force and still had the application on my computer. Then inquired if it was acceptable for me to edit the typed form and submit that, but still write out my vetting form etc so they could still see my handwriting, to which they had no issue. While on the call I also asked if at this late stage would I be part of Grampian Police or the new Scottish Force? Basically it depends when you are offered your employment i.e, before April you will be grampian, and serve in the grampian area, after April and the formation of the Scottish force, you will be part of that, and could be relocated. All that said, I'm wondering if you guys can help me with a few questions. After the fitness and initial interview, how soon are you normally informed of pass/fail? then how long is the wait till the next stage, im assuming the next stage is assessment day with group work and final interview ? when do the medical and vetting take place, as I'm confused as I have already sent off my vetting form with my application? The police station in Nelson Street where we have to meet on the 10th, it states in the e-mail there is no parking ? where can I park my car in that area which is easy to walk to, or is there good public transport from the bus station as I will be traveling from Dundee. Thanks for your time and sorry for the (poor) essay of a post! Haha!
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