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  1. Merseyside on Hold..

    same....feels like a different life time now....very annoying
  2. Merseyside on Hold..

    Has anyone any idea what the situation is for people who were put on hold at the point where they had recently completed their assessment centre?
  3. Merseyside on Hold..

    19k a year to risk your life...does the money go up still 2k every year for the 1st ten years? Or has that been taken away now aswell...
  4. Merseyside on Hold..

    Glad some people have got a start date, even thought one of them isnt me! At least something moved....lets hope it keeps moving! I cant wait to hear something from them. Will put up with my boring job until it I do..whether that 3, 6 or a year from now!
  5. Merseyside on Hold..

    Long as it happens for me eventually....I can put up with my boring job until then!
  6. Merseyside on Hold..

    I`am at the stage of "awaiting final interview" from around 2/3 years ago....still want to pursue it, does anyone know when there is likely to be an intake for someone at that point in the process? Ta.