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  1. Final Interview

    Hey Gary there are loads of posts on various forms about final interview, its worth having a trawl through. When you get a date gimmie a shout and ill help if i can :-)
  2. Final Interview

    Loving it 6 months in. Back at Jackton and just want to get back out on the street! You get support on the job, as for distance learning not really but there is plenty of people about to ask. Back at jackton now so will be doing my own study again soon for Tulliallan again. For my final I dont think I got asked a thing about what all the divisions are and probationer timetable, that was all in the first interview. The final is more about you and how you would act in certain situations. Ill PM you.
  3. Final Interview

    Hi Hopeful....2 guys on my course have full colour sleeves. Not expected to cover them up, Strathclyde too. I would be annoyed in SP started judging people on their bodyart. I'm 6 months in. Dont even worry about your tattoos for your final interview, you will be stressed enough without worrying about that. They know you have thme and have spoke to them at your initial. If you have been invited back for a final I dont see it being an issue. Good luck!!!
  4. Final Interview

    Hi gareth, whens your final. ??Baits more about you and how you would react to certain situations. They will also ask you to give examples of times you showed x,y and z. My best advice would be to try and relax and not get too worked up about it. Good luck!!
  5. initial interview

    Know th rank structure too....who the bosses are, whats going on in your local division. Get down and speak to a probationer in your local station too.
  6. SPC - Tips & Things

    Hey, dont pass out until we go back up next year for 3 weeks for Module 4, but thanks :) Rooms are very basic. 2 beds ( sometimes bunks) a desk and a wardrobe. All en-suite with a shower. and thats it!
  7. SPC - Tips & Things

    Congrats on passing first of all!! For college I took a pair of joggies for studying at night and for OST and a few t-shirts for lounging. A pair of jeans and some tops a smarter out fit for the occasional trip to the copper lounge. By the end of the time there I had quite a few clothes there but 2 weeks before finishing i gradually started to bring things home. Some people too iron boards and irons but to be honest I just ironed mine on a Sunday at home and then used the irons there to give them a quick iron during the week. Anymore questions just ask. This time next week I'll have done my first shift :)
  8. November 7th starts

    First day is lots of form filling :/ Yeah brought my boots and and PE kit and left them in the car. I would also suggest clearing tomorrow night as you will no doubt have uniform prep and boot bulling to do :) if anyone has stuff they need to get for Tulli the shop is great and if anyone has any concerns re tulli come speak to one of us :)
  9. Question about wages

    Its not a case of signing up, but instead if you dont want to you can opt-out of the pensions and back in at a later date. If you do nothing your pension automatically comes out.
  10. November 7th starts

    Guys were you told flats? most of us wore heels, no issues. Also up there at the moment with big mac. See you guys tomorrow!
  11. Wages

    IM pretty sure it doesnt affect increments, pay freezes usually only affect that extra 1-2% you would get on your increment or those at the top of the scale.
  12. Strathclyde Police chat thread

    Hey ratkinson! hope your all set for Tulli. Im starting week 6 tomorrow and apart from being away from home I am loving it.

    Yup, i cant touch my toes either and no problem. Yeah, id say about 1 hour fot it all. Depending on wether or not you can provide a urine sample quickly! haha
  14. Strathclyde Police chat thread

    Good luck Les! best advice I can give is to chill the morning before and dont look over anything< i got so worked up my head was bursting the whole way through the interview and for about 3 hours after! hah.......let us know how it goes :)
  15. September 26th Intake

    I wouldnt worry about running shoes with white soles. Both my pairs are black, with black soles I think? they dont state what colour of trainers you need. As for 'free' time it depends. As Bigmac said we are off duty from 5.15pm but with uniform prep, fitness and a bit of studying actual free time doesnt really exist. I dont take too much casual clothes. Though I do take some jeans and a smarted top incase of a visit to the copper lounge but havnt been much as yet. The nights I spend studying tend to be in a pair of trackies and top. I dont usually wear them but they have come in so handy. Make sure you take a pair otherwise when you have OST ( officer safety training) you will need to put on your full uniform for breakfast and lunch as no shorts allowed in canteen. Anymore questions just ask us, we know how stressful it can be. :) Ps. the shop on site is pretty good for bits and bobs of stationary and snacks. Plus a cup of tes for 40p aint bad! most of my money has been spent on morning coffees in Starbucks! hah week four did that happen!!