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  1. I think it is ok then, but not the first few days at Jackton. Scary look it is! Haha holly, i have wee heels for my suit as If i dont wear them the trousers would be too long! but they are just wee, i dont do big heels lol
  2. Shoes and sylvet cloth ordered. Bun nets, hair clips and hair spray done. Think that is just about everything! Everyone organised? Do we need to take anything with us on Wednesday? I was thinking of taking a pad and pen, and bring my gym kit and putting it in the car? Anyone know if minium make up means no make up? ..........and do we just wear buisness dress on day 1 then travel in it thur/fri and change into uniform there? Nerves are a comin!
  3. Ps. Holly, have you got your parade shoes yet? if so where from? Do parade shoes have to have laces on them?
  4. Strathclyde also :) Poolcue, what do you mean by one piece of toiletries out?
  5. 1 week today and first day at Jackton will be over!

  6. ps. Holly what force you joining?
  7. I was thinking that too. Do we need to take our own towels and im presuming bedding is provided?
  8. Thanks :)
  9. Any ideas when we get our list of things to buy and what to wear when? Im just presuming we start Tulli on the 27th even though my letter just gives a start date of Jackton on the 22nd.
  10. Me! :)
  11. I have 2 fish...a black moor and a fancy tailed goldfish. Called Shadows and Tails. Had a snail in the tank too called Sonic....But he died :/
  12. Just medical, fitness and drugs test to go :)

  13. and superman appeared!
  14. crazy. Then he
  15. Then, Yoda interuppted...