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  1. Paternity leave after initial start date?

    I am starting my career with West Yorkshire in September, different circumstances however i have been told i am not allowed any annual leave for the first 23 weeks apart from a mandatory week off after 13 weeks training. Like i say it might be different for paternity leave but they dont really like you having any time off during your initial training or 10 weeks tutorship.
  2. Appealing My Deferral

    Yes mate literally yesterday they rang me, unfortunately they have said they are still going to stick to it so got to wait until September now and try get my BMI down in that time, disappointed but i know i'm in as long as i do what they say so i'm still pleased with that. Hope all is well with your application.
  3. Appealing My Deferral

    Thanks for the support mate - Will do
  4. Appealing My Deferral

    Yeah when I applied they had a picture on their website stating there was no BMI restrictions? I broke my ankle last year and have put a bit of weight on since then, I do need to be more active I do try go to the gym when I can, but I work in security at the min and my work pattern is awful. I will definitely give HR and email and see what they say, especially because when I applied it did state on their own website there was no restrictions and I have evidence of that as well. Thanks for the support! Cheers - James.
  5. Appealing My Deferral

    Hi All, I Have passed my final interview, fitness test however failed my medical. I passed eye test, hearing etc however i've failed on BMI. I do agree i am a bit overweight and am in the process of losing it. However i have been deferred for 6 months told i need to lose 2 stone. I am definitely going to try however i feel like its going to be a challenge, I am a large build - 6ft 3. I just feel hard done by i know they have restrictions however My going to the gym and dieting isnt going to result in my losing 2 stone i doubt, So my question is can i appeal? Especially because the force i am applying for when i applied said they didnt have any BMI restrictions (one of the reasons i applied) Regards, James.
  6. Final Interview Help

    Can't give you too much info as they like to keep it confidential. You have to do a 10 minute unaided presentation if you didn't already know, then answer 6 questions. Just keep positive, just make sure you answer things thoroughly, try answer in the STAR format & don't rush answering the questions. Try to go in with a few examples for the competencies and you should be fine. Best of luck, let us know how it goes
  7. Final Interview Help

    Thank you, I just kept transferring my application the difference forces - so just emailed there HR when they started recruiting.
  8. Final Interview Help

    Hi all, Thank again for all the advice, had another interview for West Yorkshire yesterday morning and can happily confirm i passed the interview. Onto vetting, medical etc now so fingers crossed all will be well. Thanks again to everyone who helped/ advised me - very much appreciated. Regards, James.
  9. Final Interview Help

    Hi all, Thank again for all the advice - its obviously me because once again got the phone call this morning saying i wasnt successful with Lincs. Really dont know what to do anymore, I prepared as much as i could. Either not got good enough answers or the role clearly isnt for me! Don't really know where to go from here, Got some feedback which made me feel a little better - shame thats not a good enough reason to hire someone Again thanks for all the advice. Cheers - James.
  10. Final Interview Help

    Hi all, Many thanks for the responses, I do need to study the competencies a bit more and stick to using the STAR method, hopefully this will give me better answers and maximise what they are looking for. I just need to come up with some strong examples that I have been involved with. I will definitely look at the bluelight videos and hopefully that'll help. Cheers - James.
  11. Final Interview Help

    I do try use the STAR method for answering questions, but when i am trying to think of answers I do tend to neglect this method of answering. I have read to competencies but i do need to learn them more thoroughly, Thanks for your advice, James.
  12. Final Interview Help

    HI All,0 I have had two final interviews now one for West Yorkshire late last year and I had one for Humberside yesterday which again i failed The feedback from West Yorkshire was awful - It just stated i scored low for all the questions so I couldnt even improve from that. I have another interview coming up with Lincolnshire Police on the 25th of this month - can anyone please give me some suggestions on how to improve myself or prepare for the interview? I currently work in the security industry and have been a Special for Lincs for the past 2 years. I just feel like my answers for the interview questions are strong enough or Im just not saying what they want to hear and I dont know where to learn from my mistakes. What more preparation can i do? Thanks for reading, James.