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  1. Can't give you too much info as they like to keep it confidential. You have to do a 10 minute unaided presentation if you didn't already know, then answer 6 questions. Just keep positive, just make sure you answer things thoroughly, try answer in the STAR format & don't rush answering the questions. Try to go in with a few examples for the competencies and you should be fine. Best of luck, let us know how it goes
  2. Thank you, I just kept transferring my application the difference forces - so just emailed there HR when they started recruiting.
  3. Hi all, Thank again for all the advice, had another interview for West Yorkshire yesterday morning and can happily confirm i passed the interview. Onto vetting, medical etc now so fingers crossed all will be well. Thanks again to everyone who helped/ advised me - very much appreciated. Regards, James.
  4. Hi all, Thank again for all the advice - its obviously me because once again got the phone call this morning saying i wasnt successful with Lincs. Really dont know what to do anymore, I prepared as much as i could. Either not got good enough answers or the role clearly isnt for me! Don't really know where to go from here, Got some feedback which made me feel a little better - shame thats not a good enough reason to hire someone Again thanks for all the advice. Cheers - James.
  5. Hi all, Many thanks for the responses, I do need to study the competencies a bit more and stick to using the STAR method, hopefully this will give me better answers and maximise what they are looking for. I just need to come up with some strong examples that I have been involved with. I will definitely look at the bluelight videos and hopefully that'll help. Cheers - James.
  6. I do try use the STAR method for answering questions, but when i am trying to think of answers I do tend to neglect this method of answering. I have read to competencies but i do need to learn them more thoroughly, Thanks for your advice, James.
  7. HI All,0 I have had two final interviews now one for West Yorkshire late last year and I had one for Humberside yesterday which again i failed The feedback from West Yorkshire was awful - It just stated i scored low for all the questions so I couldnt even improve from that. I have another interview coming up with Lincolnshire Police on the 25th of this month - can anyone please give me some suggestions on how to improve myself or prepare for the interview? I currently work in the security industry and have been a Special for Lincs for the past 2 years. I just feel like my answers for the interview questions are strong enough or Im just not saying what they want to hear and I dont know where to learn from my mistakes. What more preparation can i do? Thanks for reading, James.