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  1. No point giving him GMP response pattern though :-p
  2. GMP mirrors the response shift pattern also...
  3. So what seems to be the case, is that when at very low battery blackberries turn off connections (phone Internet messages) to conserve battery. It's a default setting to protect the battery from going flat completely. However the phone is pretty much useless. The only way to bypass this is to make an emergency call to reactivate the connections - I see why they have the feature, a little like being able to make emergency calls when a phone is locked. The call is hung up leaving connections open so other calls can briefly be made or messages sent/received. However it is ridiculous and such a waste of time - frustrating that people would consider doing it and wasting the time of emergency services.
  4. Sorry my comment about working to achieve was not meant to be patronising. It's not going to be easy, and its not going to be quick - I'm not saying that it would be. But with persistence, I do genuinely believe things work out. Eg, finding a way to fund alternative education to improve chances of getting a specialism, applying for internal courses as much as possible, applying for secondments... None of this is a gateway, and none of it is likely to get a yes at the moment - but throw time into the mix and the chances are better. It really wasn't meant to be patronising at all - I understand the frustrations - I've not even got "in the job" yet, and my other half is struggling to move team, let alone get a specialism - it's not easy.
  5. You can dial 999 from a flat blackberry to get ten minutes "emergency call" time - I haven't tested it as I don't have a blackberry but afaik it the only phone you can do it from... Supposedly. I've come across it quite a bot
  6. I am making the exact same hop. My opinion and feeling is that, whilst the police is not "perfect"- in the current climate perfect place are few and far between. We were horrendously short staffed in previous role in NHS and all the politics of cutbacks were rife too. As for being stuck in the stream, I think there is an element on that but also I strongly believe that a job, any job, is what you make it to be. If you are motivated and want to achieve you will find ways to do that.
  7. How have you found the rest?!<br /><br />I find lots of (nice) fruit helps too - refreshing and sugar but not mad amounts of it so you crash!
  8. How have you found the rest?!<br /><br />I find lots of (nice) fruit helps too - refreshing and sugar but not mad amounts of it so you crash!
  9. I do as above - have a nap in the afternoon before a night shift. After the shift I eat (otherwise I wake up hungry by 10!) and then sleep. I never used to be able to sleep well so I used to get up for a bit about 12 and then back to bed at 3 for a few hours. Now I'm getting the hang of it I can sleep until 3 ISh. <br /><br />I also stay awake after last shift to force myself back into normal time!
  10. Ah but from another perspective... <br /><br />if drug taking cant be stopped, then providing safe places to take them would reduce burdens on NHS (due to lower risk of infection, od etc), police due to less reports of drug taking, overdose etc... Plus perhaps provide social support to cut down if they are well staffed?<br /><br /><br />
  11. We also call briefing room the parade room :)<br /><br />And as above for transmissions - it goes through "comms"
  12. <br /><br />I have no idea! They are where I Insert new lines - I'm using tapatalk so perhaps it's that? I can't see them when I write the message, but I can see them when I look back over a post. I assumed it was just my screen they happened on and ignored it?!<br /><br />As for the above post, there is importance in freedom and independance - the question is where does the line get drawn?<br /><br />For us, my nan has mid stage dementia... We have looked at the buddi and the in house monitoring - like an alarm system but records movement activations so we can monitor her remotely to see if she is going in kitchen or leaving house etc. Would have no hesitation on using a buddi once he gets to that point.<br /><br />But if you asked my nan, she would probably refuse.
  13. An extension of their remit is justified - especially given starting pay is now higher than an officer potentially.<br /><br />Perhaps taking missing reports would be a useful extension? Officers to engage on search, but surely taking the report can be done by staff or pcso's?
  14. There are a range of tracking and monitoring devices already available to the general public - they are massively under used within care facilities.<br /><br />And it needn't be as in instructive as being tagged as having a physical tag could be incredibly distressing for an individual with dementia - having water on the skin causes some individuals a large degree of distress, I can't imagine coping with a tag!<br /><br />This all comes back to a review of social services. Again. <br /><br />
  15. It also talks about identifying repeat r vulnerable victims...<br /><br />This is social services - this is not police? Better care packages, more highly trained enthusiastic support staff - whilst initially more expensive, in the long term are more cost effective as there is a reduction in costs for NHS visits, emergency services etc.<br /><br />What difference would identifying vulnerable individuals have, if we can't appropriately support them to reduce the risks associated with being vulnerable?