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  1. Hey everyone I'm joining from the Strathclyde intake but will be starting at tulliallan the same time as you all . This forum is great seems like I'm having the same problems/fears as everyone else how reassuring haha and I agree with you Lauren how addictive is this forum? ? I need to stop checking it so much !!
  2. Thank you and well done on getting through to the fitness part! I literally just sent my application form there. I am so nervous lol Hopefully I will be joining you in the future :)
  3. Thanks for all your advice, will just put down my student loan. Its just a standard student debt so there should be no issues with it!
  4. Hi I am in the middle of filling out an application form to become a police officer in the Strathlclyde region. I just have one question (if anyone can help).... I am a student and obviously will be in debt from my student loan.. should this be mentioned in my application form under financial committments? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nhughes89