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  1. February starts

    Well i live in greenock and I'm leaving at 6.45 so i should defo be there before 8 just in case lol. My shirts from top shop, it's the one I wore to interviews. It's short sleeved and fitted but nothing fancy! I won't be getting any sleep either haha
  2. February starts

    My names Natalie! I thought it was 0830 we start? Ah well I'll still be early lol
  3. February starts

    My hairs quite short and curly (straighten it tho) and I can't get it in a proper bun without hair sticking out everywhere. Got hair wax and hairspray so will just aee what i can do with that :/ lol if you like stripes I could meet you in the canteen bit. Anyone else fancy meeting there?
  4. February starts

    Congratulations pinkcoop88! How's everyone feeling about tomorrow? Where's everyone to meet as well? I'll prob be an hour early lol
  5. February starts

    That would be a great help if thats ok? Knowing my luck they'd do some fitness and I'd be the only one without a kit lol I've not started packing yet will probably leave that til the Saturday before will speak to a few people see what else every ones bringing just in case I forget something. Just can't believe how soon it is been building up to this day for so long and now it's nearly here eek
  6. February starts

    Thanks John will take a note of that! Yeah very nervous, just want to do well and keep having nightmares that i sleep in or forget to bring something lol. What's everyone bringing on Wednesday? I see a lot of people saying bring your pe kit but leave it in the car but I'm not buying my car until end of march so don't know what to do. Also how's everyone getting on with boot bulling? Is it just a start we should make on them or should they be perfect for starting? I've made a start but I don't think they're good enough!
  7. February starts

    Yeah hopefully everything is ok for you mark. Got a phone call from my work that they posted the letter but they are going to fax it today. Will phone recruitment and see if they got it. Can't remember the name of the woman I spoke to tho. I just went it to panic mode after she told me they didn't get a reference !
  8. February starts

    Yeah well its the hr dept that are useless. They have "lost" my bank details before and waited the day before pay day to tell me when they'd known for 3 and a half weeks, so to be honest I'm not surprised. I phoned the site manager who is chasing it up and gave her the fax number for recruitment so will give it an hour or so and chase it up again!
  9. February starts

    That's great John! Yeah argyle and bute was a worry for me too. Got a phone call from recruitment, my work haven't sent my reference. I think fate does not want me to join the police so many set backs hope to god it gets sorted today! !
  10. February starts

    I'm greater Glasgow too!
  11. February starts

    What time did you get your emails? ? I'm getting anxious now lol that's great you got somewhere handy mark something less to worry about. I just hope I get somewhere I can easily travel to
  12. February starts

    That's good you've heard back! Happy with your division I take it? still no letter or email for me!
  13. February starts

    Nope keep checking this to see if anyone has lol not been down at my mail box yet but I'm guessing we'll get our letters the same day!
  14. Tulliallan 25th February

    Hey everyone I'm joining from the Strathclyde intake but will be starting at tulliallan the same time as you all . This forum is great seems like I'm having the same problems/fears as everyone else how reassuring haha and I agree with you Lauren how addictive is this forum? ? I need to stop checking it so much !!
  15. February starts

    I never got told anything about this at my medical. Strange!