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  1. Neon and LED Lighting

    so to be honest there is no law with regard to any lighting fitted as long as its fitted correctly??
  2. Gotta feal sorry for the fella who got the petrol bomb in the head, and what was the man in the wheel chair thinking my god.
  3. Neon and LED Lighting

    I take it after 67 views and not one reply that there is no law regarding under led/neon lighting, and that the police have no right to stop you if you have them on. As im sure if these were illegal then after my searching the forums and internet for weeks then i would of found something by now.
  4. under car lights

    Well i cant see any thing in the link http://www.legislati...wnlampreflector That says anything about led/neon under lighting. I also joined a few days ago asking the same question and have not had a reply so i take it there is no law, It just seems to be that people with modified cars are an easy target or it depends on how much of a good or bad day the copper has had when he pulls you over.
  5. under car lights

    So am i right in saying as long as you cant see the tube/led bulb but only the glow on the floor then under led/neon lighting is ok to use on a road/highway????
  6. Hi people

    Thank you :biggrin:
  7. illegal lights

    I am a great lover of led's and neons on cars but to be honest on a funneral car and in the day is kinda pointless but i bet they look good at night
  8. Hi people

    Thank you :biggrin:
  9. Hi people

    Hi all my names bob just joined up i live in london and hope that this forum will give me the answers i have always wanted.
  10. Hi every body im new to the forum and find the laws for neon and led lighting on vehicles very vague, I understand that its not illegal so sell these lights to the public as long as its for off road use, so if you are at a car show or a car event then its fine to have them on as long as you are not driving. But i am hearing that if the lights are red at the back and white at the front then you can drive on public roads within the law so does that mean if you have white leds under the vehicle then you are with in the law. I spoke to traffic police once at a car show and they said as long as the lights dident dazzel any other road users then it dident matter. Can any one show me an act that clearly states that neon or led lighting on or under a car is an offense. Many thanks