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  1. I live .8 of a mile from my office. A 10 minute walk.
  2. He is not wanted on a US warrant. The Swedes want him on a sexual offense. He is fearful that the Swedes will send him to the US when their done.
  3. Archery is fun. A few years ago I bought several bows designed for use in schools. The beauty of the bows is that they were suitable for a 5 year old or a 50 year old. Crossbows can also be fun. Cocking a crossbow is not so much fun. So if you want practice, you need one with a lower pull weight. As to safety, the key is the backstop. You can buy a fabric backstop that stops the arrow or bolt by deceleration. With a crossbow, I would feel leery about a fabric backstop. What I use is a commercially manufactured target consisting of layers of compressed plastic sheets. It stops the arrow or bolt by sandwiching the arrow between layers. My backstop is a wooden fence. It works well with a regular bow but a crossbow can be significantly more powerful. If a bolt hits the seam between two boards the bolt can penetrate. As to regular arrows, the fence becomes a problem because the father away you are from the target the "higher" you aim. So the risk is not pass through; it is to shoot over the fence. Archery is more popular in the UK than the US. In the US most archery boards deal with hunting. If I were you, I would ask the same question on a UK archery message board. It is their sport and they know your laws like the back of their hand.
  4. I think what Stewie is referring to is a throw-away. There are criminals that throw-away or fail to claim ownership of a weapon. Drug dealers have the money to buy good stuff. Sometimes it is easier to keep the knife than go through the hassle of doing all of the paperwork for its disposal. I don't think he is suggesting that you take a knife from a suspect and then not arrest the suspect but keep the knife. Some of my area local police stations have a box filled with throw-away stuff available for officer's use. In fact an area SWAT team took a Remington 1100 shotgun away from someone and instead of destroying it, they cut down the barrel to 14 inches and the weapon is used by the team with breaching rounds.
  5. Interviews vary on who you are questioning. It is part art and part science. If they intend to lie, then the interview locks in their lie.
  6. Move to the US. One careless driving ticket will not bar you and the US has nothing like your "caution." Get here and go to school. Get a proper 4 year degree. Become a US citizen and if you want to be a cop, and you are not crazy or a felon, then you will most likely become a cop.
  7. There are two ways to grade a test. Deception or truthful. Grading for deception is more common. But it has a greater chance for error. Regardless, it is a tool. When used properly an excellent tool.
  8. LOL.....
  9. When speaking of volts, you are speaking about is the pressure necessary to arc across the two terminals in open air. The human body is 90% water, so the amount of electrical pressure necessary is significantly less. To compare a taser to a stun gun is like comparing an apple to an orange. The stun gun referenced in this article is a handheld pain compliance device. It is basically a handheld cattle prod. I assume they are popular with the criminal element because they are cheap. They will cause a contact burn, but they cannot project any force over distance (unlike a Taser which uses compressed gas to fire darts). So it is an up close and personal weapon.
  10. Accident
  11. I agree. I deal with mental health patients every day. I love my C2 Taser.
  12. Never underestimate the press.
  13. Ditto.
  14. There is actually on-line copy of the manual as to how your CPS likes to have the police file set up. Boy, do you guys like forms. What you need is a document assembly software. One massive questionnaire that then will produce all kinds of forms at a touch of a button. In the US police paperwork is streamlined. You have a dispatch card, an initial incident/report, and a series of supplemental reports. If physical evidence is preserved, an evidence log. You may get scientific and autopsy reports but they are produced by others. Digital camera photos are now preserved in the computer file. Handwritten forms are rare nowadays.
  15. Hi Carlos: Moxnil wants to understand. But many aspects of UK police work is counterintuitive. He likes and respects police officers. He just doesn't understand the realities of your profession.