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  1. Dog Attack

    Not an expert in this area but to my knowledge it's the local authorities that deal with these cases. They have the powers to issue a Dog Control Notice where a dog is out of control: It is not being kept under control effectively and consistently (by whatever means) by the proper person Its behaviour gives rise to alarm, or apprehensiveness on the part of any individual, and the individual’s alarm or apprehensiveness is, in all circumstances, reasonable. The apprehensiveness may be as to (any or all) - (a) the individual’s own safety, (b) the safety of some other person, or (c) the safety of an animal other than the dog in question. Id contact the council and see what reason they'd issue a notice.
  2. Right To Silence

    Right to remain silent doesn't mean you can just ignore the officers and provide them with no information. If you're a driver of a vehicle you have certain duties, one of which is to provide any officer with the required information to ensure you're legally allowed on the road. Driving licences isn't a right, it's a privilege. Even in the situation where you do have the right to remain silent it doesn't mean you have a right not to be questioned.
  3. Police Officers with hearing aids

    From the MET: As I said, the forces are all different I'd just get in touch with them and let them answer your questions. They do have limits just like eyesight but it will vary force to force. I completely understand how annoying the restrictions can be, I was refused an opportunity to join the RAF as aircrew because I had childhood asthma for a month even though I was clear for 19 years!
  4. You're question has been answered by Reasonable Man, Criminally as long as the private land is away from a public road and the general public don't have access to it (for example a racing track) then the legislation covering Drink Driving doesn't apply. Your other question could you get sued and the legal disclaimers you need to make are questions you should be asking a solicitor. The only thing I'd like to add is that say you get the vehicle sorted and you jump in the car to celebrate. If something were to happen (parts fail, someone walks out in front of the car, cars crash into each other etc.) and someone was injuried and had time off work, wasn't able to work etc. then someone will end up getting sued for causing that accident. I'd highly recommend getting some sort of business insurance however I doubt any insurance company will want to cover you knowing that you were operating vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. I also agree that morally, I don't agree with it. I understand your point about Fast and the Furious however most sensible people understand it's a movie with loads of support in place not a couple of guys in a garage. I'd also say that just because there are idiots on the road doesn't make it OK for anyone else to act like an idiot. I'm of the view (having seen the damage that alcohol mixed with vehicles can cause) that no one should be promoting them being mixed together.
  5. Wouldn't be obstruction as it's not preventing the free flow of traffic along the road. The car doesn't look that bad to me.
  6. Police Officers with hearing aids

    They'll be a reason for it but as I said, ask the force you want to join directly.
  7. Police Officers with hearing aids

    When I was serving I never seen a Police Officer wear a hearing aid and as far as I know you wouldn't be allowed to join because they have a minimum hearing standard but I'd suggest you speak to the recruitment team of whichever force you want to join to get an exact answer. I was talking to a guy last week that was told he wouldn't be able to join the force without having laser surgery so that he met the eyesight requirements even though he could just wear glasses.
  8. Reasonable man is spot on, why would you go to someone's door while filming it and swearing straight away?? It's an incident that could have been dealt with a lot better.
  9. I was really impressed with the debate before the referendum in 2014, I felt that most of my fellow countrymen were taking it serious and even people who had never voted before were getting involved in it which was great. I know a lot of the Scottish Labour and Scottish Lib Dems say that it split Scotland but I don't believe it did. I think it was great for politics and got a lot more people involved. The problem I see in this debate sometimes is that the rest of the UK seem to think it's because Scotland hates the rest of the UK and then turn it into a personal attack and then we're threatened with hard borders, contracts being cancelled, not being able to use the pound etc. I'd really love he No campaign to become positive about the benefits of the UK rather than the threats of leaving it. The referendum isn't because we're anti-British, Anti-English or anything else. We have a huge amount of respect for the rest of the UK. It's simply that over the last number of years Scotland has felt as though we get a bit of a raw deal and that we believe we can do a better job controlling our own nation. I'm not going to get into a debate whether long term we will be better off or worse from it because no one knows, but Scotland simply wants that power to decide it's own fate. I personally think that if there is another referendum that it won't be successful, I haven't heard of many people even discussing it and I also believe that had the UK or Scottish Government offered Scotland devomax we wouldn't have been mentioning another referendum. I think it's a great shame that we're leaving the EU but Scotland voted to remain in the UK and so we need to respect the view of the UK and go with it and as a previous Yes man I've started to change my mind especially with the way the EU have treated us. I think they've been very unwelcoming and un-supportive since the referendum was first discussed and we'd probably do far better with the UK than the EU but that's only my opinion.
  10. There is no such thing as a citizens arrest in Scotland, it's only covered under common law where anyone has ability to arrest someone for a serious offence which they must have witnessed.
  11. Tulliallan gym gear

    The SPRA sell them -
  12. Teacher to Police Officer

    I've worked with two teachers who were Specials as well, really loved it in fact one of them had done 9 years with BTP specials and then 8 years with Strathclyde. I'd recommend you do it, I done it for 5 years and loved it. Would give you a good insight into the job to see if it's really what you want to do without throwing away your teaching job.
  13. You must get holidays, you have a legal right to them and they must ensure you take them.