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  1. You can use anything as long as it answers the question.
  2. Standard Entrance Test

    I passed my SET in 2012 also and got a n invite straight to Interview.
  3. Bleep Test

    Honestly, if you found 1.5 miles easy this will be unbelievably easy. I’ve seen 50 year olds pass the test. I’d say if anyone failed it you’d really need to consider if the Police is for you. Go to your local sports centre and ask to do a bleep Test to rest your mind.
  4. I'm not a probationer but my top tip for the interview would be don't learn your answers off by heart because the questions they ask are so varied hat your answer might not fit the question. What I would do is thinking back through all of your jobs and see what examples you might be able to use, it's more important to let the competency points because these are what you get marked on. Always use ME AND I not WE and OUR, be selfish about your involvement. Learn as much as you can from the Police Scotland website including the probationer timetable, Police Scotland priorities, equality and diversity strands, different units amongst the Police. Make sure you answer the question and you don't need to tell superhero stories the stories don't matter that much as long as they answer the question.
  5. Any rejoiners out there?

    Police Scotland since this is the Police Scotland forum. What happens if you rejoin? Do you need to go to Tulli again?
  6. Parking at Jackton

    Never had any issues but I’d go there early and be prepared to park across the road in the housing area if it is full.
  7. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Your notebook?
  8. Vetting

    Be prepared for a long wait is all I’ll say, I was 3/4 months to get cleared after I had a complaint made against me when I was arresting someone.
  9. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I used to use a pair of RAF parade shoes, I’m sure you can buy parade shoes from the SPRA website as well.
  10. Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’ve also heard of some people getting stopped because their BMI was over 30. I’d speak to them about it before your medical.
  11. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Completely agree, no point having prepared answers you’re better knowing the compentencies.
  12. I’m not English based but on my shift when we got a drunk driver call come in (I don’t serve anymore and the new drugs test wasn’t available to us at the time) we’d have been all guns blazing to get the vehicle but then we had a lot more than 4 cops out and about.
  13. He was arrested but not convicted as a caution isn’t a conviction.
  14. Police Scotland Recruitment

    It is geared towards the competencies so make sure you know them but don’t forget to learn about how the force operates and learn about the training programme.
  15. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Took 3 months for my vetting to come through last time so it can take a while. I doubt it will take that long, just depends if they need to look into anything in more detail.