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  1. Any joy? The route is indeed 1.6 miles if you measure on google maps
  2. Are you seeing many changes yet in your old force since the merger ?
  3. I'm not started in the police yet but I wouldn't show my warrant card unless it was absolutely necessary though I would carry it at all times. I do visit Northern Ireland a lot though so I wouldn't take it with me at all in that case.
  4. Looks like she has. What a complete waste of time and money http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-22083032
  5. Is the process in Scotland similar and do complaints take as long to resolve in scotland as they do with the IPCC?
  6. Working in pensions at the moment, even with the reforms that have come into play, the police pension is still very competitive. I'm seeing on a daily basis what effect the economy has had on current annuity rates - it's terrible! There are some cops who have decided to opt out of the scheme and use the money they would be putting into the police pension into a second property, and even letting this out. The only thing is you don't get the tax relief you do with pensions. I think it depends on your own circumstances are some people may already have pension schemes they have invested in from previous occupations i.e. the armed forces. Please note these are my own opinions - I am not financially qualified and if in doubt seek financial advice :-)
  7. Ok I might be asking a very silly question but here goes... How do these changes affect (or could affect) Scottish and Northern Ireland policing? I am new to all this :-)
  8. Hi, I have created an eBay auction as I am selling my Scottish SET Police Practice Papers - I paid £42.50 and they really helped me pass the test! Click here to view the auction page. Thank you.