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  1. Police Scotland Transferee

    Hmmm that's strange - I heard from a source that transferees were a priority... What was the legacy force you applied to?
  2. Police Scotland September intake

    Hi, Welcome to the forum! I applied through L&B in March 2012 and have been advised I have probably missed out on the September intake and it's more likely to be the December intake. I found this out by asking where I was in the recruitment pool with L&B - they were very helpful in advising me. Dr B
  3. Special Constable, Edinburgh

    Any joy? The route is indeed 1.6 miles if you measure on google maps
  4. Police Scotland September intake

    Ok - my legacy force is L&B and prob won't start till Dec but I'm hoping I don't get the bleep test, haven't done one since high school!
  5. Police Scotland September intake

    Is it a run or bleep test your doing?
  6. Police Scotland September intake

    How long had it been since your last medical and did you have to go through the whole process I.e hearing tests etc?
  7. Police Scotland (Strathclyde) Final Interview

    Thanks Anna32 - no idea what they were trying to spam us with anyway! Back to the topic - congrats on passing!
  8. Cost of GP Signature for medical forms

    20 notes it cost me
  9. 6 points query

    I would agree from reading other similar threads on this forum and others. I would think back through your past to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. I presume your finances are ok? If none of these throw up any obvious signs then you could be looking at a third party issue.
  10. 6 points query

    I'm afraid the only way you'll know is if you apply - no matter what anyone says on here won't change that. Did the vetting team confirm you had failed due to the points? I would also consider using full stops more often.
  11. Recruitment 2013

    Well just did the Inverleith* run in 10min 46sec - not sure when my final fitness will be but need to get this down below 10 min to beat my initial fitness test time. How's everyone else getting on? *The legacy L&B run route
  12. Going to be applying towards the end of summer!

    Yeah I bought SET practise papers online for about £40 then sold them for £32 on eBay
  13. Police Scotland July intake

    That's a real shame is there no way to appeal? Do you have any idea why you might be failing the vetting?
  14. Recruitment 2013

    I applied through L&B and all of our communication is done via email (well it all has been so far) - I asked recruitment direct and they explained for me it would be likely the second intake for me. I've even had my uniform fitting - just waiting for my final fitness.