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  1. Well will have to agree to disagree I just said that I disliked the word, and for people to be considerate. I didn't say stop using that word right now.
  2. Welcome Stephen
  3. Clairey55 - my post went before seeing yours. It was in response to gripper. I know of someone whose cousin started to display some of the signs you mentioned - stalking, muttering, huge arguments and violence over such minor thing like dishes in sink. As she feared for her safety it got to the point he was assessed and diagnosed with schizophrenia. Now and then the stalking and muttering raises it head and so they go for tests and more often than not it just requires an adjustment in medication. I'm so sorry you've had this experience, I'm not sure how you address this being two strangers in effect. If it's turned to violence and this lady does have a mental illness it will only escalate to worse extremes, unless treated. How about giving mind a call on 0300 123 3393 as they deal with mental illness they truly know the signs and give you some guidance.
  4. Can't ignore remarks like that it's just not acceptable.
  5. I don't like that word 'crazy' - people who have mental illnesses. It doesn’t mean they are crazy, it just means life is different in their shoes. I would be grateful if future posts would refrain from using that word - People with mental health challenges sometimes experience stigma. Just like some of the above posts. They get called “crazy” or “mental” or “emo.” These labels are based on stereotypes, not on fact. This person seems unsettled and either you can address the situation or move out and say nothing.
  6. Hopefully someone will be along and can help you. Best of luck
  7. ;-)
  8. Yeah very funny reasonable man. Hars should have been that's. Typing whilst trying to get my god son ready
  9. hars good as I done a plc course that was 2 years ago
  10. Some people I know work 7 on 7 off.
  11. Have a read of this... http://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/sites/default/files/documents/files/Vetting%20-%20ThirdParty.pdf I know it's for Nottingham But think they all do same vetting. Sorry I can't recall what was on my met vetting form now.
  12. 1. I'd live to the next borough along, my personal choice eg. If you were based in Greenwich I'd probably live bexley. 2. I don't know and 3. I never come across this issue when my other half (police officer) and I rented a property with strangers. So guessing they are ok about it, again from my personal experience.
  13. Old one but still made me chuckle