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  1. Tulliallan

    Tulliallan grounds are open to the public so not really an issue. You're allowed out after classes are finished but yes- return by 10pm.
  2. Missing items.........

    Hair straighters worked wonders for trousers when I was there....
  3. Tulliallan and boots...

    I just got magnums and they seem to bull pretty well. Will probably think about getting another pair a few months down the line.
  4. A Quick Hello

    That's good, you should be fine then, bleep test is what most people dread! They don't stop you, but you don't have to use your 3 strikes so I guess it is best effort, but bear in mind if you get in you'll be expected to beat your score. That's not a problem, any questions just PM me and I'll do my best to help!
  5. A Quick Hello

    Yeah I have, not long started :) ...there's also a website which has lots of SET papers and guides on how to do them: http://www.aloscotla...rce.htm?id=1160 and the bleep test can be downloaded from here: http://www.acpos.pol...itnessStnd.html I found it was definately worth a practice before going. I'm guessing you know the level you need to get to? Good Luck and any other questions let me know :)
  6. A Quick Hello

    In my experience this should be outlined in the next email/letter you receive. However I would imagine the first stage will be SETs/Fitness...then if successful with that it will be the assessment centre. Hope this helps, get practicing SET papers and the bleep test :)
  7. Tulliallan July 2012

    3 study folders- wow- you will be super prepared! Good stuff! Is everyone going up on the Sunday rather than the Monday 1st thing? Really not long now! Prep wise, fitness & some definitions but I'm sure I'll have more to add to that closer to the time! How about you?
  8. Tulliallan July 2012

    Brilliant, Think I have everything too- no doubt there will be something I haven't thought of though! Who are you with? Prep wise fitness and talking to people that have been at tulliallan recently. Can't wait!
  9. CSP Assessment day

    Hi! Can't be too specific but I didn't have role play in mine... that might shed some light! :) Have a look at core competencies as this is what you're being assessed on. Hope that helps and good luck!
  10. Tulliallan July 2012

    I only did my fitness in March so no final fitness...will be good prep for Tulli though and I'm sure it will be no problem! 10 weeks today...
  11. Final Interview

    That's great- with Strathclyde? It's only when I talk to people that have been at Tulliallan/are at this stage I start to get excited about it- I think my family are fed up of hearing about it! Oops!
  12. Final Interview

    Good luck everyone! I'm starting Tulliallan (with Central) in July so hopefully see you there!
  13. Police Recruitment 2012

    I've heard this one too, however think most forces are trying to push recruitment before the single force happens next year- so go for it if you're considering it just now.
  14. Tulliallan July 2012

    Well at least that's 3 of us in July! Me too, not long to go- will fly by I'm sure.
  15. Tulliallan July 2012

    Ah brilliant! Uniform fitting made it very real! Yeah looking forward to it! Will see you there!