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  1. To join? Yay or nay

    Thank you for your comprehensive feedback Morek54, I'm glad your force can afford to have you monitoring forums 24/7, you've landed yourself a decent specialism.
  2. To join? Yay or nay

    Sorry I meant 24/7 response, front line.
  3. To join? Yay or nay

    I've been given the opportunity to join the MPS. Given what is happening with all Police Forces is there still opportunity to move round and specialise, or will it be 24/7 forever?
  4. MPS Grad Scheme? help

    That is exactly my thought; there will be 100s of people in the MPS with experience and degree's, if this programme was committed to delivering strategic thinkers into the organisation for 'radical' change, why look at recent graduates who have limited practical real life experience. I am 30 and probably one of the more elderly members of the intake.
  5. MPS Grad Scheme? help

    I only got a 2:1, not a first!!
  6. MPS Grad Scheme? help

    Hi all I have been accepted onto the MPS Grad Scheme. I am slightly sceptical of the whole programme as in essence it does not really differ an awful lot from the current standard route in. Me being sceptical I think It is a tick in the box to say the MPS now has recruited grads, rather than anything remarkably different. I am coming from the North of the country too, so not massively familiar with London. With what is going on with W1/2 etc, should I avoid? All opinions would be greatly received as I don't want to leave my current job which is ok to go into something that is crumbling despite the hype of the organisations marketing department. Regards
  7. Thoughts and opinions. New Starter

    Just wondering what those that are in the job thoughts are. I have passed the Graduate Scheme for the Met. My reservation is a would have to massively relocate to London (don't know the city at all, not from the South). My current job I have is quite good if boring. Do you think it is worth committing?
  8. Specials question

    When is Durham recruiting again?
  9. Former Assault

    Many thanks!
  10. Former Assault

    I am in the system for joining, a previous flat mate at my address was convicted of a s.39 assault. Will this have an impact on my application? He no longer lives at the address and has not for several months.
  11. Rejoiners

    Regarding rejoining, has anyone done it where they've had to go through the whole recruitment process again? Were recruitment receptive to the fact you've already done it?
  12. I left recently, I could not envisage been in it for 35+ years when the organisation seems to be getting worse and stopping police from being police. I never witnessed the good old days but other guys stated they wouldn't join knowing what they know now.
  13. With on going cuts and the vocation not now seen as a "job for life" why do people leave what was typically looked at as a one stop shop. What reasons have people got for moving on?