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  1. Fitness and Firearms - 22nd

    I sat and passed fitness and firearms in August and I've still not had a medical so prepare for a long frustrating wait I'm afraid!
  2. CNC Application

    Charlie13.. I'm pretty much in the same position as you.. Waiting for a medical date now. I originally applied for Hinkley point and Heysham but I'll go anywhere Im asked.. I think the best thing to do is just phone them as much as you dare to make sure your not forgotten.. If I hear anything al private message you to keep u updated as we're basically at the same stage..hopefully the ball is officially rolling now :)
  3. Hi All, Just thought i'd start this topic as there were quite a few questions, queries and worries that I had during recruitment that weren't necessarily relevent to a particular topic. I have come to understand that we have quite a few CNC Serving officers, CNC recruits both waiting for and in training and people who have gone through the entire recruitment process recently who may be able to help you with your queries. Obviously there are certain specifics that people cant go into with regard to the recruitment process, training and general duty but any questions and worries etc will be answered here in a way that will help you and and hopefully put any worries at ease! Also for everyone to keep each other updated with any developments in recruitment. Best of luck to everyone in the application process. :)
  4. CNC Application

    Charlie13.. Well done passing the whole thing (again), must have been incredibly frustrating to say the least.. what site/s did you apply for initially and where are you looking to be based ideally? :)
  5. CNC Application

    Yes it's just level 7.2 on a 15 meter track
  6. CNC Application

    Cheers nykad21.. All of the process has been completed now apart from my medical so just waiting for a date for that.. The firearms is just the instructor telling you about the guns.. Showing you the guns h&k g36 and glock 17 then copying what the instructor has shown you.. It really does just test dexterity and flexibility.. Really nothing to worry about at all as your just doing what the instructor has just demonstrated.. I was more worried about the fitness but managed to go right past level 7.2..
  7. CNC Application

    Just thought I'd update everyone and let you know I passed my fitness and firearms assessment. For all those waiting it's quite a relaxed atmosphere.. Instructors are friendly and it only takes about 3.5 hours all in.. Nothing to worry about to much.. Medical next.. Good luck to all still to attend : )
  8. CNC Application

    Hi chris111, My apologies but I can't be bothered looking back at ur previous posts if you have any.. So when did you first apply? I believe it depends entirely on when you applied and what numbers and courses they were looking at during that time. Also chris111 the biggest and best advice I could give you is..... " phone recruitment as much as possible without being a pain in the arse!.. At least once a week!.. Ive heard a few people saying this but it really does help, I would also email at least two or three times a month... If you don't ... YOU WILL GET LEFT BEHIND! Be nice but dedicated!!!.... I applied January 2012 passed sift and pnc (police national computer) june(ish) Fitness firearms 23rd August.. (as submitted results to skip first assessment centre!) after that just medical so hopefully all will go well.. So in answer to ur question .. After passing application your then onto pnc.. Then apparently your interview, role play and written exams etc will be held the day after fitness and firearms.. So it's all getting done much quicker than. Before.. Hang in there, It'll be worth it!! I'll let everyone know how I get on on fitness and firearms :)
  9. CNC Application

    Anyone else in for the pre employment assessment (fitness firearms only) on the 23rd August? Paul :)
  10. CNC Application

    pclarey01.. I would most definetly wear my suit to the interview and roleplay etc..(which im not attending as I have submitted results from prior assessment) fitness and firearms, im also thinking about what to wear.... I think personally wear tracksuit bottom, tshirt and trainers as the whole day entails sitting through presentation, preforming firearms drills and taking a bleep test (fitness) I have been told that the NPIA day starts with general cnc brief, fitness test (bleep test) followed by firearms brief and firearms assessment. so perhaps arrive in suit to look good and change before fitness etc as Mdon said. Best of luck for your assessments pclarey01.. let us know how you get on! :) Paul
  11. CNC Application

    Hi Peter, What assessment are you attending? Fitness firearms brief or initial assessment? When did you initially submit your application if you don't mind me asking? Cheers Paul :)
  12. CNC - What's the deal?

    Best of luck! :)
  13. CNC - What's the deal?

    Hi, Do you mind me asking when you applied? What assessments are you due to undertake on that day? Cheers Paul
  14. CNC - What's the deal?

    Hi Jem, At the time i applied there was only Heysham,Hinkley point and dounreay available.. Although dounreay is in Scotland, Hinkley point and heysham are closer to where I live.. I was also advised against going to dounreay as it extremely remote and hard to get a transfer out apparently... I'll keep u updated.. Let me know if you hear anything either... What stage of recruitment are you at?
  15. CNC - What's the deal?

    It's something that i'v been arguing with myself over for months and months... I like working in Strathclyde.. The rush of getting a good shout... Flying through traffic in a squad car with full blues n twos... Nothing like it.. The adrenalin and sense of pride.. "the buzz".. Jumping out the car, controlling the situation... Heightened senses of awareness.. And perhaps making an arrest with a gd old fashioned breach of the peace.. But then the negatives kick in... Without getting into sop's.. Certain procedures and paperwork etcetc.. X amount of time off the street.. Then there's the court... (part of the job obviously) but on your days off etc being called to court.... All the stress of everyday policing.. domestics, drunks.. Etcetc... I'm not speaking down on the job "at all" because it's not totally ruled out in my plans... It's just weighing up both jobs it seems as though the cnc is an easier job with similar pay, better promotion prospects and a good few opportunities to progress to specialist units. Having said that... I suppose if you want to be a traditional cop...Then the home office forces is certainly the way forward.. In my opinion but it depends entirely on personnel opinion... Still trying to sell myself on either one!...