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  1. CNC fire arms

    Cheers for that mate, and in reply no I didn't research it! Having just come off operations with the military and discovering that an ongoing app had just been pulled due to the recession. Having only a few months left to secure a civvie job I went for the first safe option, wish I hadn't and that's my personal opinion. Whether you disagree with it or not. I was asked my opinion of the job and gave it, if you're content stagging on- join, if not dont bother.
  2. Suffolk

    At work at the minute, I'll check the post. Did you get email or post?
  3. Suffolk

    No mate, it's taken me nearly a year to get this far!
  4. Suffolk

    Should be in the next 10 days or so mate!
  5. Suffolk

  6. CNC fire arms

    As long as its NPIA compliant, which I believe it is.
  7. CNC fire arms

    Suffolk dude, if you gain a pass at any AC you can transfer results to another force that may be recruiting. I don't want to sound bitter about the CNC, BUT it's important to realise the massive limitations that will be imposed on you, no matter what you will not be an officer in the way most imagine it. It sounds harsh but it really is well paid security work.
  8. CNC fire arms

    Hit the nail on the head there, that's why I'm now in the process of joining a HO force.
  9. CNC fire arms

    It's dull, doesn't offer much in the way of a challenge. All but a hand full of the officers I joined with remain, and most of those are currently applying to a HO force. And that's in under 2 years.
  10. CNC fire arms

    Even then I have no idea who you are mate. Just ask yourself why do you want to be a copper?
  11. CNC fire arms

    No offence mate but the Internet is not the place for specifics, statements and arrests are unheard of, the instructor I had in training made 3 arrests in an entire career. I sounds harsh but that's what you're there for - security. If you want blue lights, criminals and getting stuck into a community you need to look at home office constabularys. Why do you want to be police officer?
  12. CNC fire arms

    If you're ok with wearing the uniform but not actually being a police officer, ie working within a community, getting a wide range of opportunities and experiences, then it's the job for you. I was up north for a short period but resigned pretty quickly, it's armed security and not much more than that, you can't have armed security in the uk unless its police or military. Baisically if you just want an easy job that doesn't involve much it's good, if you really want to be a copper for the right reasons its not the way to go.
  13. Suffolk

    Still have a week to go, nearly caught out with the new core comps but should be fine if all goes to plan! The final interview after the AC I presume?
  14. Suffolk

    Awesome, when did you apply mate?
  15. Suffolk

    April last year mate! No I'm not either, used to be a non HO officer a while ago. Yourself?