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  1. Specials question

    Already have that book :-) funnily enough recommended it to someone today. I maintain it helped me get my 69% AC score. I just need to control the nerves next time (there will be one!). Annoyingly I scored 100% for oral communication at my AC but managed to fail the final interview!
  2. Specials question

    Believe me, I'm well upto date with Durham. I was when I went for my final interview in May, nerves simply got the better of me :-(
  3. Specials question

    Hi, I have no idea what that is but it's not a requirement for applying to regs as I applied this year, unfortunately failed the final interview.
  4. Specials question

    Well thanks for everyone's replies. I've decided to go for it. If recruitment for regs opens up before I've finished training (if I get in) then I'll decide what to do ie finish training and apply or pull out and apply. Either way my ultimate goal is to become a reg and I don't think it can hurt to get some real life experience of what the job entails. Wish me luck!
  5. Specials question

    Right then, after much thought I've decided to go for it. Spoke to Durham and found out they don't have the 1 year rule. The lady in HR pointed out that any experience is better than none. Just hope I've not delayed too much and they've reached 500 applications before I get mine in!
  6. Specials question

    Ok, yeah moving isn't an option as my fiancé has a little girl who lives here
  7. Specials question

    Hi, yeah Durham or Cleveland as I live in the Durham area. Why do you ask?
  8. Specials question

    Thanks for the reply. I'm just undecided cos I really want to go for the regs next year but don't want to have only just started training for the specials in case they say I should have been doing it longer - is it better that than no experience? Argh, why couldn't I have just done better in my interview this year?!
  9. Specials question

    There are 40 specials getting recruited but don't know numbers for regs next year. Really stuck on what to do as regs is where I want to be but don't want to miss the chance of getting my foot in the door and also getting some experience.
  10. Specials question

    Hi. Yeah she said it will be exactly the same as this year, open to external candidates and first 1000 applications only.
  11. Specials question

    Hi Just after some advice please. I applied to be a reg for Durham earlier this year and made it to final interview. When I got my feedback they advised they will be recruiting again next summer and encouraged me to apply again. They've opened up applications for specials now. My question is should I go for this? Will it help me when applying for the regs again? Thanks in advance.
  12. assessment centre scores

    On talking to another local force I was told if they recruit with the 12 months since passing my AC I could transfer my score subject to passing the application form (paper sift) stage. I would then pass to interview stage if my pass of 68% was within the pass mark they require.
  13. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I would also type you answers into something like word just to get the grammar spot on. Remember, anything over 10 spelling/grammar mistakes is an instant rejection.
  14. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I'd really think twice about using capitals for the competency questions as pointed out they're gonna be checking not just spelling but grammar too
  15. assessment centre scores

    Yeah, I know, I was just assuming Durham as I know the start date is July and they require 60%.