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  1. If you search NPIA on the Durham police website you'll find a link that might help
  2. Thanks, fingers crossed I guess. Will be devastated if I get through the interview and fail the vetting!
  3. Hi It wasn't the common assault that I forgot, as I said, I included that on my application form, it was the shoplifting at 12/13 I'd forgotten. Anyway, to update, since posting this I've called to request they add the shoplifting to my application. I've also had and passed the assessment centre and have my final interview this Wednesday. Hopefully my step brother and boyfriends brother won't go against me in the security checks.
  4. Hi Can anyone answer this please. Just a couple of vetting questions I'm worried about. Firstly, I was convicted of common assault when I was 17 and I declared this on my application form but when I was 12/13 I think I received a caution for shop lifting (god I hate saying this, feel so ashamed!). I was so worried that my common assault conviction would go against me that I totally forgot to write this down. Will this go against me? Also my step brother who lives in Nottingham (I'm in the North East) has a pretty hefty criminal record, will this go against me? Finally, my boyfriend's brother also has a large criminal record. Do I stand any chance of getting through the vetting checks?? I have my assessment centre next week Thanks