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  1. Police Scotland June intake

    Hi BoabyLake, well done on getting Q division, I'm currently at tulliallon 4 weeks in I to am going to Q division but all the people which is about 6 of us from my intake going to Q division still have not been told where within the division we are going.We are the only people out of 104 on the intake who haven't been told.Hopefully you and I will find out soon.
  2. Police Scotland June intake

    Hi boabyLake, I am currently at tulliallon your normal day is breakfast at 07.30 then class starts 08.30 until 17.00.Then in your free time you have uniform prep, fitness and study so you are kept busy.For the bulling yes you have to bull both boots and shoes as you get inspections. For the postings I received mine in a letter one week before I started.Hope this helps.
  3. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    At last the day has finally arrived, everything's in the car ready no doubt I will have forgotton something . Looking forward to meeting you all later.
  4. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    That's me all packed ready to go . Didn't realise there was so much to take . Although the stress levels are rising it's getting exciting the closer we get to starting.
  5. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    I applied back in September but everything sped up from February when I had my initial interview to passing everything in April. I got Q division which is Lanarkshire.
  6. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    Hi Rw30 yeah it will be great to finally get started.I am from Bathgate.What division did you get issued?
  7. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    Not long until Sunday/Monday now how are everybody's nerves holding up.Where are everybody coming from around the country for this intake?
  8. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    I can assure you harrison I am feeling very nervous as well but I'm sure once we are there we will be fine haha.
  9. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    Thanks for the info on tulliallon black_phantom.All I've been told is that I'm posted to Lanarkshire after tulliallon.
  10. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    Yeah same here I was going to go up between 6 and 7.I am purely a novice at bulling shoes I only used the parade gloss as that is what I saw on the welcome pack . I'm sure I will switch from it if the shine does dissappear quickly lol.
  11. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    That's me finished at my current job such a strange feeling, now I can finally get excited for Monday.
  12. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    Lee I was showing by someone that used to be in the army, what I was showing is put a layer of polish on using your finger then let it dry, once dry then I dipped a cotton wool ball in water squeeze the water out then put some polish on the cotton wool and start to rub into the shoes/boots in small circles.once no polish left on cotton wool then just dip in and add more and repeat until you start seeing a shine.All in all it took me about 45 mins and they have come up with a good shine.I used parade gloss by the way.
  13. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    Same here HandyAndy Q division for me
  14. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    Just home from work and received my letter today got posted to Lanarkshire, I was so convinced I would be Aberdeen after all the times it was mentioned in my interviews so delighted to get Lanarkshire. Hi lee I was at fettes on the 11th for final fitness also it will be great to see you again on the 12th May.
  15. Tulliallan 12th May intake

    I agree pinkcoop I know I would not get anything done if I came home.I just always thought nobody was allowed home during the week.