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  1. Questionable Situation

    Chris0984, that is exactly why I asked the question. I wasn't expecting a clear answer as it is a very tough call with potentially dire consequences for the person making that decision, regardless of the choice.
  2. Questionable Situation

    Okay, so you're on the beat, and there's a firearms incident in your area. Lives are in immediate danger and you know a FAC holder on the way. Would you be justified in borrowing a rifle and ending the situation? With no ARV for a half hour.
  3. Special Constable application stages

    How long does that normally take mate?

    I have not yet done a specials interview but have done many for other public services. Including an Army interview with a colonel. I have found that your confidence and composure is the best way to do well. The Colonel for example would get you into a politics debate, stop you mid flow and throw an arithmetic question to see how you react. If you take your time, keep yourself composed and answer confidently (even if it takes a little longer), you will be fine. Good Luck Andy
  5. Hi Guys

    Hi Guys, Im Andy, a student from Wigan. I have a lot of police connections in the family from Birmingham local, to service police. I fully intend to apply for GMP Specials with the view to going full time. Already found the forums helpful. Thanks AndyG