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  1. PPI advice

    It's really worth doing it yourself, as Traffic Rat said they take a large chunk of your money for doing nothing. I went through the process with Natwest and the form was easy to fill out and not made to try and trick you. If the company don't have a form for you to fill out search through the BBC website and you will find guide to claiming back PPI.
  2. MET recruiting again PCSOs

    I've had to do the same, they offered me a date of the 20th July but I can't make this as I work offshore, I had an email back saying they would re-schedule the day 1 for me so now just waiting for a new date.
  3. MET recruiting again PCSOs

    Was hoping for email confirmation that they had received the photo and it was acceptable as they gave me five days to do this or they were going to bin my application. Well will have to wait and see. :)
  4. MET recruiting again PCSOs

    Has any one heard anything more about day ones from the last recruitment? I had an email asking for photos of my tattoos about a week ago and have not heard anything since. Stephen