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  1. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hi Jonny - our session at Ripley yesterday was scheduled for 11 - 2. The presentation itself was finished by 12 with an open questions session afterwards if you wanted to talk to a particular individual. Personally I found the session really useful and well thought through. We had a serving officer do a bit of a presentation on life as an officer which was extremely insightful and not sugar coated, he gave a true representation of what it is like.
  2. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I think in the surgery I remember seeing that they are taking two lots of 30 from this application process. I think I also remember reading that there are currently 80 places booked for the assessment days. Be a a bit gutting to be one of 20 not to be offered a place. I suppose it's the same as everything, the further you get then the harder it is to be rejected.
  3. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Hi, i'm also on the Ripley Info Day on the 26th. Might seem a daft question but what is everyone wearing to these info days? Also you say you've prepared your answers for the application form - is this primarily based on the questions that have been asked on other forces recent application forms.