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  1. Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    Really? Could it not be argued that the taking of the photo was the "interactive" element? Is taking a photo and uploading it any different than typing a twitter message or reading a text message?
  2. Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    The law seems to be playing catch up with technology. Most smart phones have the option to automatically upload photos taken to a cloud server like Dropbox or Instagram. Hypothetically, if a person driving a car took a photo and it automatically got uploaded, would this not be classed as communication?
  3. Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    Okay, not once on here did I say I was a "perfect driver", I was accused for "hogging the middle lane" to which I defended myself. There is also no mention of me "inviting others to criticise them", I only asked if the driver had committed an offence of using his phone by taking a photo, a grey area as he wasn't using it make a call. From your last statement I assume you are a police officer? Let me ask you this, do you think it's safe to be driving and handling a phone at the same time? Personally I don't see handling a phone when driving or talking on one any different, both are distractive and dangerous. If you had seen this driver holding his phone would you have stopped him?
  4. Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    Club? Members? I have no idea what you are talking about. Is this forum not about roads policing? All I did was post a video that I recorded of I guy using his phone when driving, a road safety issue that has lately been the target of both the media and the police, but so far the comments on here seem to be fixated on me. I don't get it.
  5. Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    If you looked at the start of the video you can clearly see traffic in lane one ahead and traffic joining the Motorway from the slip road. If not then have a look at the clip below showing the full front view. Even if there wasn't traffic in lane one it is good practice to move out to lane two to allow the traffic joining the motorway more room. On top of that, lane one shortly becomes an exit only lane for the next junction, I wasn't leaving the motorway so lane two is where I needed to be. As for being "too busy worrying about capturing what the guy behind was doing", all the camera's in my vehicle are fixed and require no control from me when driving. I was driving at the appropriate speed for the traffic, leaving enough room in front so that I could stop in the distance that I could see to be clear, I was keeping a high level of all round observation which is how I seen the guy in my rear view mirror using his phone in the first place.
  6. Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    May seem strange in the UK but Dashboard Cameras are very popular in other Countries, however the number of UK users are increasing. Police have had camera's in their vehicles for a long time now, and now that the technology has dropped in price more civilians are installing them. See this site for reasons why more and more people are installing cameras in their cars.
  7. Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    How was I hogging the middle Lane? I was overtaking vehicles in lane one. Clearly see that in the video!
  8. Seen this guy behind me today, he seemed to pick up his phone to take a photo when he was driving. Would this be classed as using a mobile phone when driving or something else?
  9. Car insurance and Criminal use.

    Yeah, but does seem odd that someone who uses their vehicle for a legal purpose like delivering take away food but not having business insurance would be prosecuted but someone out doing illegal activities wouldn't.
  10. Car insurance and Criminal use.

    Hi, I have often wondered how car insurance works if someone was caught by the police when they were using their car to illegally make money, i.e selling drugs, burglary etc. If their insurance policy only covers them for Social, Domestic, Pleasure & Commuting and not of business use then can they not also be done for having no insurance? I mean if they were out delivery take away food and only had a SDPC policy they would be done wouldn't they? I would doubt that any insurer would cover anyone to be committing any form of crime under their policy.
  11. Blue Lights - What regulations apply?

    Any forces in the UK use the rumbler siren yet?
  12. Under the plans, the permitted blood alcohol limit would be reduced to 50mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood down from the current UK limit of 80mg. What do you guys think?
  13. Tougher sentences for banned drivers

    It's not much comfort to the victim's families to jail people after they have killed someone when driving when disqualified. Surely these people should be jailed before they kill people??
  14. Submitting dash cam footage?

    See this discussion about submitting video evidence, some useful information there,
  15. Man with 519 motoring offences. Anyone seen worse? I think 4 months is too lenient, this guy obviously has no respect for the law and will be out driving as soon as he is released.