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  1. Next Intake

    As far as I can tell they are keeping the recruitment machine rolling, as a minimum to replace officers that retire etc. So probabbly 60/80 people a year, no idea what is planned though.
  2. Intake Details for mount Browne?

    I got an email saying I was in the 'pool' in August so seems I got lucky and must have sneaked in. I was at the assessment centre in May. Things to bear in mind - You have to print off and fill in about 25 pages of forms and it's recommended to print and read about another 100 pages of info (new ink cartridge is on order). You arrange a uniform fitting before the start date to collect the uniform on the first day, suit is recommended for the first day. There's a multiple choice exam in the first week on what was covered in the PLC and you must get above 60%. I think you do the fitness test again after initial training (10 weeks). 40 hour weeks, 8am-4pm I think. Substance misuse test in the first week. You need to keep faith, I'd pretty much given up getting a start date before next Spring so was really surprised and happy to start before Christmas.
  3. Intake Details for mount Browne?

    I received an email this week confirming I'm on an intake starting 3rd December. Really happy, now to fill in the never ending supply of forms and trying to find time to refresh and pass the PLC exam again (multiple choice this time thankfully). Best of luck to those still waiting.
  4. Intake Details for mount Browne?

    Yeah doesn't look likely, my vetting expires in January and Fitness soon after. Doesnt seem the most efficient way to recruit! Fingers crossed..
  5. Intake Details for mount Browne?

    Has anyone had any update on the next intake? I'm guessing if nothing is sent out soon it wont be until the new year.