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  1. Don't quote me for the Police, but in the HA, voluntary or compulsory payments aren't taxed.
  2. Yes, it's all a bit odd how this works. We had occasion to ask for police to attend an incident in Cumbria and it turned out that there was a Scottish arrest warrant out for one of the occupants of the vehicle. However, for certain offences the arrest can't be made in England, so off he went! Bizarre - I always thought that if you are wanted in one part of the UK then that would count in another part. Go figure!!
  3. I couldn't possibly comment!!! :whistle2:
  4. They wouldn't have made it from the doughnut emporium to where the fine needed paying!!!
  5. It's a p*5@take ???????
  6. Thats a bit good!!
  7. Was it our turn to be 'Grubby Hi Vis Monitors' or were you merging into the Cumbrian scenery??
  8. Bothered about you blocking their view?!?
  9. From your video I couldn't quite read the overhead message on the gantry, but I suspect it said 'Debris - slow down' and 40's.were displayed There also seemed to be a Maintenance Response Team vehicle on the Hard Shoulder just prior to the debris, which is likely to be waiting for a Rolling Road Block or a gap in the traffic to collect the debris. Interesting to note that pretty much nobody was obeying the 40's!!
  10. From the Highway Code: 280Motorways. On a motorway do not try to remove the obstruction yourself. Stop at the next emergency telephone and call the Highways Agency or the police.
  11. Way too much information!!!!!!!! :tongue:
  12. At least I can sleep soundly in bed knowing you're looking after the motorway while I'm dreaming of just how much I'm going to eat!!
  13. We couldn't afford to keep you in socks and underwear!!
  14. Ho, ho, ho - all the best everyone!! I've managed to wangle Christmas day off this year, but if it makes you feel any better, I'm in at stupid o'clock on Boxing Day! Typical