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  1. Final interview help?!

    Found out exactly five weeks after my Initial Interview. Probably would have heard sooner if my boss hadn't been away to Canada on business which meant my reference request sat on his desk unopened for a week.
  2. Final interview help?!

    Vetting passed, Final Interview on the 22nd. Can't wait! :biggrin:
  3. fitness

    Nope, not yet. The only info I've had about it is that my boss showed me the letter. Other than that, I've heard nothing. But no news is good news, right? :whistle2:
  4. fitness

    That's a strange one Craig considering I'm sure we passed the interview at the same time. My boss has already sent mine back in, so would have thought you would be on a simillar timeframe.
  5. Initial Interview on Monday

    Yeah it came this morning. Was dated for Thursday the 11th. :wink:
  6. Initial Interview on Monday

    I passed! Thanks for your help everyone. Onto vetting now for me! :biggrin:
  7. Initial Interview on Monday

    Seven to ten days I was told. Hopefully find out by the end of next week.
  8. Initial Interview on Monday

    Rank structure is a good one, never even thought of learning that. Nine protected charateristics!? I only found seven! But yeah, will defo look into all that. Sound advice. Anyone for anymore? P.S. All the best for your final! :biggrin:
  9. So, I've got my Initial Interview this Monday. Have been doing my studying, but just wondering if there's anything I've missed? I've done my reasearch on the force and their priorities, studied my division and community, got the priorities for both of them too. Also been learning the current campaigns being run by the force. Went for a Probationer visit, learned some good stuff about what goes on at Tulliallan from him. Been studying diversity, and of course, have memorised the probationary period timetable. Even been looking at the new Police Service of Scotland just incase that's mentioned too. Anything I've missed? Any final tips? Or is it just the nerves getting the better of me?
  10. Anyone else awaiting paper sift results?

    I play rugby so had a pretty decent standard of fitness to begin with. Can do the run quite comfortably on the treadmill in the gym, will need to get out and try it on the streets at some point, but should be fine hopefully. Have been told to run the first two laps at a solid pace, then go all out for the last one.
  11. Anyone else awaiting paper sift results?

    I applied at the start of June and it wasn't until last Thursday I received an invitation to do my fitness test on the 20th of August. It takes a lot of patience, but I'm sure you'll hear soon enough. :)