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  1. Scary- The info harry is on about is what I was referring to....not your info. You/your info states that you require a pass, what me and harry are referring to does not require you to have a pass for the written part. Just on regarding to Merseyside, they will be recruiting in September, but I'm going away then. Thanks anyway.
  2. Scary- Regardless, it is old information. Again you need to look up the latest legislation it is on there. HarryvonHoofing - Yes I have, however they are to far for me ; (. I'm looking in the midlands area preferably.
  3. Scary- I take it you are aware that is the 2011 documentation right? I'm referring to the latest legislation. Check it out. Plus I'm not talking about overall, as I know that a minimum of 50% is a pass, I'm talking about specific section.
  4. GeorgeW_ I'm sorry to disappoint, there are forces that accept an assessment centre score of 55% with failing the written part, dependant on if you have a level 4 qualification. Check it out, its on the NCP website guys.
  5. Does anyone know of any forces that accept an assessment centre score of 55% with a fail of written part of the assessment. I am aware that Merseyside do, anyone know of any other forces? Thank you.
  6. Boss- Is that true..12 Questions? Has merseyside a different structure to all other forces? I thought it was the usual competent questions, and your aspirations to become a Police Officer type of questions?
  7. Adam47= I never professed to that, it was you that was bragging and then making childish remarks of where you are. Oh by the way I have transferred my score just waiting for an interview . ). Sub-seven- Apologies, of course your entitled to your opinion. , ) ​
  8. Sorry above post was directed towards Sub-severn.
  9. Boss- re Adam47 post, either you mis understood/read what i put, Im quite clear about it not bothering me as I wouldn't of wished him all the best on a number of occasions? I am more concerned if anything hence my advice​​, however what does annoy me is the quality of people that are getting through has to be questioned, his attitude and response are no more than very immature at best. Again I wish him all the best and no hard feeling. Peace. Re- Interview Yes I hope so, good luck!​​
  10. Boss- I'm invited to an interview to, have you got a date yet?
  11. Adam47 I see that your still want to continue your childish little spat...ok folks heres a little background into so called future Police Officer who has made it through the West Mids recruitment process. I was disappointed that I did not make it through, however Adam47 and me had a disagreement and I concluded by wishing him the best. So here again is Adam47, whom will be a future officer with his childish remarks which I find worrying especially for the people he will be serving. An immature silly little boy who will be stealing a living and taking up a post he will not deserve on observation from his replies to me. Adam47 people like you will be found out in the job believe me, people like you have come and still go very frequently you seriously need to reassess and change your attitude sharpish. Again that is just some advice up to you if you want to continue, ill let the good folks on here decide and await for an immature response. Peace.
  12. Lol....So thats a no then.....which force you with currently?
  13. Hello, has anyone applied to Merseyside Police in the latest recruitment drive that took place in March?
  14. SPC 123 Failing to declare or dislose anything is an automatic fail, I made the same mistake and subsequently failed vetting. However it does not mean you cannot apply again, just make sure you declare the actual incident and the fact that you have failed the vetting as I had done. Good luck in your future applications.
  15. Hi Guys, After applying to Thames Valley Police i was told on the day of my fitness i failed vetting even after passing my fitness too! After writing and finding out why, it was due to not stating that I had a CCJ back in 2011, but heres the twist, Im currently employed by a Police force and when i had applied to my current force i had no idea i had the CCJ. After further investigation it works out that i did not have a CCJ as the bill was paid im full in 2011 and the courst said it was showing as the debtor forgot to take it off and subsequently the courts took it off their system. So no CCJ. TVP then contacted my current force and they told them of the CCJ and refused my application because of it, im left appealing the decision as i was told by the courts themselves that i did not have a CCJ in the first place as it was just an administration error. Ill keep you guys informed!