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  1. Advice/Info Required !!

    Scary- The info harry is on about is what I was referring to....not your info. You/your info states that you require a pass, what me and harry are referring to does not require you to have a pass for the written part. Just on regarding to Merseyside, they will be recruiting in September, but I'm going away then. Thanks anyway.
  2. Advice/Info Required !!

    Scary- Regardless, it is old information. Again you need to look up the latest legislation it is on there. HarryvonHoofing - Yes I have, however they are to far for me ; (. I'm looking in the midlands area preferably.
  3. Advice/Info Required !!

    Scary- I take it you are aware that is the 2011 documentation right? I'm referring to the latest legislation. Check it out. Plus I'm not talking about overall, as I know that a minimum of 50% is a pass, I'm talking about specific section.
  4. Advice/Info Required !!

    GeorgeW_ I'm sorry to disappoint, there are forces that accept an assessment centre score of 55% with failing the written part, dependant on if you have a level 4 qualification. Check it out, its on the NCP website guys.
  5. Advice/Info Required !!

    Does anyone know of any forces that accept an assessment centre score of 55% with a fail of written part of the assessment. I am aware that Merseyside do, anyone know of any other forces? Thank you.
  6. Merseyside

    Unfortunatley guys im not that young lol. I wont be trying again i gave it my best and was not good enough. Good luck to test of you guys!! Peace.
  7. Merseyside

    Update- i have been told that the original decision has not been over turned. At least i tried, absolutley gutted.
  8. Merseyside

    Peteman- Mate, I wrote 4 pages, and thats on word...And I missed out 3 vital points which i can save for my next appeal if the decision is not over turned. We can only remain positive and good luck.
  9. Merseyside

    Peteman- Same here mate, i actually called the Subject Access info dept and she called up on my behalf as she thought it was absurd how my vetting has been rejected. Anyway, did you get the feeling that it will just get tossed off, and may not even get looked at properly? I am writing to the Chief Constable with the help of my Chief Insp today as Im sure they will not over rule the original decision.
  10. Merseyside

    Peteman- How is your appeal going, any news? Did you call them up?
  11. Merseyside

    Kop1- of course i will. I called this morning to see if anyone has looked at it. And they said it was read on the 19th july by the team leader, and will get back to me in fue course. I also called the subject info access dept, who i explained in as much detail my sotuation and understood how the mix up could of been made! She called shared services on my behalf to look at my file along with my appeal. She was massivley helpful spent 45 mins on the phone and could actually see how the error was made. Lets see what comes back. Not holding out for much.
  12. Merseyside

    Mossy- Was there any hard feelings?? lol...I dont think you did mate?? It does seem on here when you do post that it comes accross different..thats how i see it anyway. No way did I think you over stepped the mark?Nothing to be sorry about !! Anyway MASSIVE congratulations for you....You must be over the moon ! Wow...Oh and thats another thing I cant wait fir, to become a dad!! Is that your first?? ; ) On a side note to my appeal, im very passionate and set myself high standards of integrity to the extent that even my Inspector is willing to call Merseyside on my behalf if my appeal is rejected. There is no way that its association, only way that could apply is that i either recommend a tenant to my landlord and vouch for him...or its my property and I rent the room out to him directly, otherwise It cant be as our set up is different. I have explained it a lot better than this of course, Just hope someone with a sympathetic eye can see how I made the error.
  13. Merseyside

    Kop1- No mate ringing today to see if if anyone has or is going to read it. I have a meeting tomorrow with my Chief Insp to discuss how they came to the decision. Apparently its association, and failing to delare and after a lenghty discussion with our HR&Vetting dept I should have a strong case as if its Association, I work with colleagues who have pncid's, so that is association to and i did not declare that either. Plus I always thought vetting was based around myself and family and distant family, and partners, not third parties? Obviously this is only a snap shot or overview of my appeal letter as I went in to detail and was 4 pages long, explaining how its not association and why I did not declare it along with a whole other reasons. I did make it clear that it was MY thinking and when requested to supply more detail I was fully co-operative and given out straight away.Like Peteman I'm not holding out for much and the reason why I have arranged a meeting with our Chief Insp and go from there. Good Luck Peteman and to the rest of you guys, I sincerely hope you guys do not go through this as its absolutely gut wrenching!! Peace.
  14. Merseyside

    Peteman- Im in the same boat exactly, waited ages for vetting, I and family squeeky clean financial status spot on, then, they find something which is a genuine mistake and I still remain co operative but still reject me? Harsh yes, with in the rules to reject me, all I can do is ask for it to be looked at with a sympathetic eye?
  15. Merseyside

    Peteman- Yes it does seem unfair, i seriuosly feel for you. Im sending my email in tomorrow after my sgt has had a look over it. I really hope you can sort it, as the first few days of rejection are horrible.