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  1. In my experience about 6 weeks should be enough. Get yourself a decent pair of trainers and get out there 3+ times a week. Try and run at the pace you need to pass the 1.5 mile for aslong as you can even if you have to walk a bit inbetween (like you already have been doing). Try and make sure that your sessions last 20+ minutes don't get hung up on distance alone because as you improve you will reduce your amount of quality training time. Best to be as fit as you can for the 1.5 miler as there can be a lot of factors on the day e.g. weather, nerves, fatigue, conditions underfoot etc. Best of luck.
  2. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    I am not sure if anyone else has had the call up. But the latest update is that Forth Valley division are waiting to find out how many places their candidates will be allocated on the upcoming training courses. Hopefully we will find out soon so that we can progress to the next stage.
  3. Going to be applying towards the end of summer!

    As well as completing as many practice SET papers as you can, I would also highly recommend the BBC GCSE Bitesize website. It is a good place to learn all the techniques you will need to pass the SET maths paper and it is very clear and easy to follow with some useful practice tests at the end.
  4. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Hi K80tey, well done with your 1.5 miler it's nice to hear that you are improving. I have not heard anything myself other than about Grampian and some of the Strathclyde kids heading to Tulliallan. Not long until 1 April now though so hopefully some news may not be too far away (fingers crossed)!
  5. Police fitness test unfair to women...

    I have recently passed the recruitment process in Scotland and currently waiting for a start date and I would like to point out that the "attrition rate" could be avoided if candidates prepared properly and paid a bit more respect towards the test. Physical fitness is a key component for the role of police officer and this was highlighted during the first recruitment presentation. When we were all sat in the gym back in October watching every four candidates take the bleep test I was astounded by the failure rate. This included candidates who had previously failed and had come back for another go. Many of these failures were not really out of breath or even bothered to grit their teeth and sprint to try and get a reset. After going through selection and speaking to other new starters I think many people aim to just scrape the minimum score instead of putting in a fair amount training which would both make their life easier and make them a better candidate for the role. Viewing the bleep as another hoop to jump through is a dangerous game especially if your feeling a little bit off on the day. Also I currently work in the fitness industry so this really grinds my gears.
  6. Central Scotland Recruitment

    Hi weenic, I have also reached the same stage with CSP and know about as much as you. There are a few others on here in the same boat and will probably drop in soon. I have heard nothing other than the recent email and as you have said I don't anticipate to hear anything until late March/ beginning April at the earliest.
  7. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    K80tey - Good to hear what the crack is with vetting and start dates from CSP itself. Put us at ease for a little bit longer. You did well to train up so quickly after surgery for the fitness test. It will come with time and I am sure once the start date arrives you will be buzzing with motivation. Perhaps try to mix it up with some swimming or a class like spin to keep it interesting and take the impact/strain off the joints? Great point by Seesaw too - try and do something you actually enjoy and want to do. Seesaw - Good to hear from you. I agree with your big recruitment drive theory. Hopefully that will mean the queue will go down faster too if we do not make the first intake.
  8. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Yeah that makes sense to vet late on just in case I guess. It is all just going to be a big case of "wait and see" unfortunately. To be honest it can be quite difficult to motivate yourself to train at the same place you have just finished a 9 hour shift in, so I tend to train outside or at home. I am more than happy to give you fitness tips and advice. There are a few ways to train for the 1.5 miler. When you say you are hitting the gym three times a week does that mean you are doing mostly treadmill running? If so you would need to set the speed to 10.8 kmh to run 1.5 miles in 15 minuets or probably 11 kmh to factor in the treadmill getting up to speed. So you could aim to run at this speed for as long as you possibly can until you have to drop it down (do the rest of the 1.5 mile as quick as possible) . Then just make a note of the time when you dropped it down and just keep trying to beat it the next time until you can do it all at 10.8 kmh. Also always have the gradient set to at least 1.0 - 1.5 because it is a lot better for the joints.
  9. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Yeah I imagine it must be hard going to get the training in. But there is plenty of time yet and I am sure you'll smash it by the time Tulliallan comes round. Unfortunately I work in the fitness industry so i can have no excuses. When I spoke to the recruitment officer after my interview he seemed to be under the impression that vetting had already been done for me. I would have thought yours would have been done long since given how far ahead you are in the queue.
  10. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    I hope so because I am totally the same just counting the weeks until April 1. Trying to distract myself with either training and making an effort at work but I am not a fan of this waiting game. Started looking at Tulliallan threads now too which is not helping either.
  11. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Yeah I got one about 7.30pm. No further information about recruitment and no start date as of yet. I can't say I am surprised though.
  12. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Yeah it was for CSP. Although I could end up somewhere else yet apparently.
  13. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Hi guys, just to let you know I passed my panel interview today. I don't have start date yet but to be fair the panel do not seem to have any idea what the situation with training is. So I think it will probably be after 1 April when the new single force has taken shape.
  14. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Good luck mk. I am having my panel interview in 2 weeks. I am also looking at force info, the competencies, Tulliallan and the new single force.
  15. Assessment centre central Scotland police

    Hi guys Just a quick one to those who have done the CSP Assessment Day to clarify what is involved so I have more time to prepare. What I have read so far has been fairly conflicting so I just want to clear it up before I get the info pack. Here is what I believe is involved: -group discussions/ team tasks -dictation test -letter writing What I also want to know is do we have another bleep test, is there any interviews and do I have to have an in depth knowledge of CSP; and in particular do my competency answers need to be ready for this day? I know you guys have to be careful what you reveal but any advice would be much appreciated.