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  1. I have recently passed the recruitment process in Scotland and currently waiting for a start date and I would like to point out that the "attrition rate" could be avoided if candidates prepared properly and paid a bit more respect towards the test. Physical fitness is a key component for the role of police officer and this was highlighted during the first recruitment presentation. When we were all sat in the gym back in October watching every four candidates take the bleep test I was astounded by the failure rate. This included candidates who had previously failed and had come back for another go. Many of these failures were not really out of breath or even bothered to grit their teeth and sprint to try and get a reset. After going through selection and speaking to other new starters I think many people aim to just scrape the minimum score instead of putting in a fair amount training which would both make their life easier and make them a better candidate for the role. Viewing the bleep as another hoop to jump through is a dangerous game especially if your feeling a little bit off on the day. Also I currently work in the fitness industry so this really grinds my gears.
  2. Nice one mate I really appreciate the help. I am feeling confident of beating 9.2 on the bleep test especially now I have found out it is only 15m and not 20m. But I will definitely give it a few practice blasts beforehand. Out of interest, do they stop you once you have reached your target, or is it a best effort? I will most likely fire a few pm's your way mate, especially if I progress (fingers crossed).
  3. Cheers scotty23 I can start prioritising a bit now. Have you been through the process with Central Scotland yourself? I am going to take a look at the mock SETs on the Strathclyde site and any others I can find. As for the bleep test... I am hoping to rip its head off :boxing:
  4. I have received an email from the Recruiting Officer yesterday afternoon saying I "will be contacted in the near future, via email, inviting you in to attend the first Recruiting and Selection event." I am very happy to get a response so quickly. But I would just like to clarify that the next stage is the Assessment Centre where I will do all the interviews, SETs, medical, fitness test etc? I have also read somewhere that there is a question and answer session before the Assessment Centre? The Central Scotland website does not outline the process and I have read conflicting information in online forums. Is there anyone who could shed light on this?
  5. Thank you guys . I only emailed my application on Sunday and by the looks of things, candidates seem to have to wait a while for both a confirmation email and news of whether or not they will progress to the next stage. So I will be patient and prepare as much as I possibly can until then.
  6. Hello everyone, I have recently made an application for the role of Police Officer with Central Scotland Police. I have discovered this forum whilst carrying out research for my application and it seems like a great idea to get involved. I would like to learn as much as I can about the role, the lifestyle, and the many opportunities within the force. Also if any serving Central Scotland Police Officers are on here who can spare any advice or anyone else willing to help me for that matter, I would be very grateful. I look forward to speaking to you all and hopefully having a laugh along the way. RB