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  1. Transferee interview

    Good morning all, Is it possible anyone has any tips on what I need to know and what I could be asked any help would be great thank you
  2. Northamptonshire Transferee Recruitment

    Hi there I have applied for this and had dates through yes hopefully pass the interview and start in January fingers crossed!
  3. Northants Transfer

    Or just post the shifts on here?
  4. Northants Transfer

    Says email removed can you send me a private message please
  5. Northants Transfer

    Did u find the answer for this? I also looking at doing that do u know the shift pattern and where u r likely to be based?
  6. Transferees

    Does anyone know the shift pattern for Northampton and where u r likely to be posted?
  7. Who is trying to transfer forces and cant?

    I'm trying to get to Nottinghamshire police also! Any ideas when there tracking transferees?
  8. Transferees

    Does anyone know what forces are taking on police officer transferees?