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  1. Fitness Friday 2nd November

    I'll be there. I'm down for the morning fitness so if you are on the same one I'll see you there. I had to go and buy joggies today as I didn't actually own any. I did my final run on Sunday and have just been doing upper body workouts and stretching all week so I'm well rested for Friday.
  2. Probationer/Station Visit

    Well thanks for the tips folks. Managed to get two visits in today. Both were great and had different levels of experience and were at very different stages of probation which was great. Very relaxed with both and made to feel very welcome. I had a printout with all my research so far and that was really helpful to just makes notes next to it. Another part of the process done and I feel reassured that I'm on the right path and doing all the right things.
  3. Probationer/Station Visit

    Thanks that's much appreciated. I would ideally like to speak to a couple of probationers before my initial just to get a sense of what it is like in different divisions. My natural instinct was to go smart casual and just roll up to the front desk but you never know with this process if i'm calling it completely wrong.
  4. I wanted to hear other opinions on what everyone else has done or is planning to do with regards visiting a probationer before initial interview. I have a few questions. Is it best to prearrange or just turn up? If prearrange then what phone number to call, I obviously don't want to waste time by calling a contact centre as if i'm reporting a crime or is that what I do? Call community team? If it isn't prearranged then what time is best? Someone said to aim for shift changeover times as this is when most people will be around but I can't find that information anywhere. What to wear? I have no objections rocking up in a suit but didn't want to seem presumptuous if nobody is available to talk to me. I realise we are being assessed constantly so I want to make the right impression. Would smart casual be ok? Jeans? I'll be going prepared with questions and printouts of most of the research I've collated so far so I can correct or scribble over it with additional information. Is that what others have done? Any help or advise in this area would be much appreciated. I'm on holiday this week and want to make the most of my free time as I can attend stations at any time day or night that suits.
  5. fitness

    Strathclyde's FAQ on PSoS says "Individuals who apply to join one of the current 8 Forces in 2012 and who are considered suitable but who are not appointed before 31st March 2013, will be afforded the opportunity to remain within the geographical boundary of the original Force or may choose to be posted to any other location in Scotland." At the moment i'm just hoping I get as far as being attested and we'll see where we stand from there.
  6. fitness

    Fitness next week but barring a disaster that's in the bag. Just getting stuck into my initial interview prep.
  7. fitness

    I guess I can't give you too much advice because I'm no expert. I'm going through the same recruitment process as you. What I can say is that since I applied I've been doing loads of research into various areas but the best advice I can give is go back and read some of the earlier forum posts. Everything you've possibly thought to ask and everything you will ask in the future has been asked already by others before you. Find the forums from when recruitment opened at the beginning of 2012. I feel like I followed forum regulars like Dizzydee, Big Mac n Fries, claire19855 and others from application right through and they are now at Tulli or just finishing. Reading about what others have gone through before you will better prepare you and give direction to your research. In addition it's almost part of the test for recruiters that you can show that you are able to conduct your own research and prove to them that YOU have got what it takes not just repeat verbatim information you got from someone else. Hope that helps you.
  8. fitness

    Yeah the Sergeant at SETs said there was a January and February intake then they were going to look to get a certain number of people on standby for PSoS. Guess we will have to bide our time with this process. If we make it that far we might get to be the first intake of PSoS. Just wondering if we had any chance of making that final Strathclyde intake.
  9. fitness

    Well done pinkcoop, great news. Glad to hear most folk made it through. Did they give you your date for initial or is that coming via letter? Just getting concerned with the current timeline that people who are not yet in vetting might be running out of time to make the February intake. I know from elsewhere in the forum that those getting finals now are being given January. I guess our commitment to the Police is going to be long term but it would be nice to get started sooner rather than later.
  10. fitness

    I've been keeping a record of my own progress in my about me section. I just looked it up. I was about 2 months from application to invitation to SETs. I think that is fairly typical. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  11. fitness

    How did everyone get on at fitness today? I was at a court date which was why I had to cancel and wasn't there myself. Court was adjourned so I'm now gutted as I could have made it. Looked like good conditions today if a little chilly. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  12. fitness

    How did everyone get on at fitness today? I was at a court date which was why I had to cancel and wasn't there myself. Court was adjourned so I'm now gutted as I could have made it. Looked like good conditions today if a little chilly. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
  13. fitness

    First you get a letter to Acknowledge receipt of your application and then if you have passed paper sift then you will be invited to SETs and after passing SETs it is then an invite to fitness. After that roughly 2 weeks I believe before initial interview.
  14. fitness

    Has anyone else got Friday the 2nd Nov for fitness? Still gutted I couldn't get out this Friday. I had a bad day at work today, I had a baddie get away from me so I went for a long run to cheer myself up and dream of the day I may get to slap cuffs on them. Ended up running for 6.32 miles non-stop according to my tracking app. Well chuffed. Checked my breakdowns and did my first 1.5 in 10.16 then the next 3 in 11.22, 11.53 and 12.01. I guess we are all getting in those last few training sessions. Hope the weather holds out, I don't fancy running in pounding rain and wind. The Sergeant at SETs said unless it was icy we would be out no matter what.
  15. fitness

    Well all the best for Friday pinkcoop. I was in your group for SETs and was invited to this Fridays fitness but annoyingly due to a court date I can't make it. I'm now the Friday after. Thankfully I started training in July when I submitted my application and just did a 9.36 last night for my 1.5. I'm sure with everyone encouraging each other along you'll shave the time off. Plus I'm sure I read on another forum that they don't start the clock until everyone is over the start line so if you get the front that might buy you some extra seconds. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2