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  1. All good advice... Thank you. I agree that my Sister should be the one to report the rape and abuse.... even as a starting point I told her that she needs to let her family know what is going on. She is a half sister to me that I never even knew I had until 3 years ago so I have no say in her side of the family. I have alerted the local police about his drinking and driving but it's catching him in the act that is the problem. I live 600 miles away from them and I can't call it in when it is actually happening.... because I do not know 100% when it is happening.
  2. Also meant to add that he drinks heavily in the evenings and drives the next morning. Should I report him?
  3. I have a question and need guidance. My sister (half sister) has told me that her fiancé has held her down and had sex when she never wanted to. I would call this rape but she does not see it that way. She uses excuses that he was drunk and that she only carried on to keep peace. When she told him that he hurt her then he just laughed. What can I do in this situation when she has not told anyone else other than me what her fiancé is like? I have confronted him with the allegation and he naturally took offence and has offered violence and is now seeking revenge. Can I get a restraining order to stop him contacting my family?
  4. Well... sorry to say; I came on here looking for help and advice. However, instead of friendly advice I can see that there is nothing of the sort. I am leaving. To Bart .... please can you delete my posts. There is no advice to be had on here.... it seems to be just full of posts gloating on who managed to arrest who. Shameful really.
  5. That's my one more post. If you were in it, then you would not need to ask ;-)
  6. Are there any members here that are in the 'craft'. PM me please!
  7. Nick Name in the RAF. It was a time when Top Gun was out. Mavrick is a missile. Paveway is a missile. We played flight simulator games and needed call signs. My mate Gave became 'Gavrick' and I became 'Daveway'. The 69 was because when I registered on various websites, no number Daveway already was taken. So 69 was as good as any other. ;-)
  8. I started with the 1 boxer dog and have now ended up with 4. Never a dull moment and all very entertaining. I never realised that they came with built in springs. Also the 3 horses, 1 cat, 2 guinea pigs and tropical fish.
  9. Thank you. I have a few scenarios to post up... but I see I need to posts before I can do that.
  10. Hi Everyone, Reading through some post I see much valuable and interesting topics. Many of which seem to be inconclusive, i.e. fall in grey areas. I reside in Scotland and am an ex member of the Armed Forces. I am here to learn more about the law as I am interested in starting a basic law degree. Sincerely and Fraternally, Dave