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  1. You're going to think I'm a right grovelling git but my experiences of the force have always been positive even when I was once a tiny little bit naughty (while an apprentice I got fined for buying another apprentice a beer, I swear I didn't know he was 17) I got laughed at by my brother (a traffic officer) and most of his mates. A few years back we were having serious neighbour problems and every one of the Northumbria officers we came into contact with during what was quite a dark time was without fail helpful and supportive of us and the other recipients of the woman's bile (a lot of whom were children) especially when she was eventually dragged in front of a court. I could name names but I'd guess it could be frowned upon by admin/the men and women involved.
  2. Political Correctness Discussion.

    My first thought is why would it be classed as a hate crime if I was abusive to a gay person purely on the grounds of him/her being gay but you guys take abuse every day just for the job you do and you just have to take it and there's no comeback for the abuse other than a possible sanction under the Public Order Act
  3. Pets, who has them?

    We have a five year old white German Shepherd. Will post a photo when I have the requisite post count
  4. Hands Up musicians the in here.

    Thought I'd combine 2 posts in one. I'm Trev and I'm an electrician from Tyneside also a musician. I play lead and bass guitar, can sing a bit but can't dance to save me life. I'm told there's good discussions to be had here so hopefully you won't mind a civi butting in from time to time.