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  1. I can't help I'm afraid but out of curiosity did they say your search result would remain valid for a 2018 intake? I thought they were valid for 12 months only. I am in a similar position but hopefully mine won't be 2018. My main concern with transferring is that it may require an additional interview in which case if you failed presumably it would be 6 months before you could apply again back from the beginning.
  2. When I did biometrics nobody got changed after the fitness. I packed a polo and jeans just in case. Good luck.
  3. You asked this question twice yesterday and have had it answered three times. Is there something extra you want to know?
  4. Yes assessment score valid for 12 months. You need to speak to recruitment of the force you're applying for and maybe send them a copy of your assessment centre results.
  5. The pay to one side; do most officers still enjoy the work?
  6. Only if firstly it looked legitimate, and wasn't merely a parody account. That alone wouldn't be enough, it would then need to break a certain law such as defamation, breach of privacy (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7523128.stm) or fraudulent impersonation (the tort of deceit, i.e. buying goods or services under the name.) Basically no, legally. Facebook's Terms of Use however don't allow people to create accounts under another's name without their permission. If you're trying to stop somebody from impersonating you I'd suggest contacting Facebook in the first instance.
  7. In limited circumstances, a pre-emptive strike is self defence. Similarly in limited circumstances, there is also the possibility of raising self defence even when it was A who approached B. However where it is A who approached B and then pre-emptively struck him, especially as A is aggrieved and believes B to be violent, he will have a hard time proving that he acted in self defence. The police and any potential Jury will find it hard to believe any 17 year old is that naive or "lacking in life experience." Especially if he was stone sober!? This isn't a clear cut case and A should hope that CCTV and witness statements support his version of events.