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  1. I would advise not putting any more WD40 on the baton. We were advised strongly against at training as the baton works on friction. There are ways of reducing the tension usually by unscrewing the end of the non-expanding end of the handle and adjusting a screw, clip or similar underneath.
  2. 2017 recruitment

    I'm starting 7th July. If anybody else is on the same intake it would be good to say hello.
  3. Advice needed please

    There is never a guarantee of a job. I had everything passed including vetting, fitness, references medical etc and had all applications cancelled 3 weeks before the planned intake. Nobody even kept on file. My point being if they offer you a job I wouldn't defer it, grab the chance whilst you can.

    Whilst the advice is always to start training as soon as you apply its never too late to improve. Also the fitness test is fortunately not too strenuous. I believe level 5.4 isn't even a full mile so I'd focus now on speed and technique. The bleep test is much easier if you have a grasp on the timings and turning.
  5. Hi, anybody else hoping to start with nottinghamshire this year? I've just passed the final interview and received a conditional offer. Would be nice to speak to anybody else in a similar position.
  6. University References

    The only people that could give you an answer are your force's HR. My university attendance was worse than yours but it didn't affect my application, however I am unsure whether the force checked for or received my university attendance. Also I'd not been in education for 5 years which may have helped.
  7. Staffs police applications 2017

    Hopefully that's a good sign not a bad sign! I hope you hear something soon George because my application was just after yours.
  8. Staffs police applications 2017

    Sent my condensed application over last week to transfer from Cheshire. Hopefully will hear something soon.
  9. Cheshire Current Intake

    So as you can see from the below link they're now aiming for 2003 officers. That is about 50 less than they were aiming for when they started our recruitment drive. This could be largely achieved by cancelling Jan and March intakes. However Cheshire loses approx 130 a year through natural wastage so I imagine they will still need some intakes throughout 17/18. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://moderngov.cheshireeast.gov.uk/ecminutes/documents/b13015/Agenda%20Item%205%20Cheshire%20Police%20Precept%20201718%2003rd-Feb-2017%2010.00%20Cheshire%20Police%20and%20Crime%20Panel.pdf%3FT%3D9&ved=0ahUKEwj7gJ61vLDSAhVLGsAKHVVTBv8QFggaMAA&usg=AFQjCNE_6wBsTMFzYqI6mcQFfwAMTUBfRA&sig2=FQxylZBcpoD-w0HjLHNtZg
  10. Cheshire Current Intake

    Hopefully there will be some news today. If not I'll ring tomorrow and ask when they are going to update us.
  11. Cheshire Current Intake

    Good luck George.
  12. Cheshire Current Intake

    Fingers crossed George! Didn't want to put anything on here and jinx it but confident it will go ahead now. I'm trying not to get excited and am thinking that even if I don't get in for March at least I should definitely be on the intake after.
  13. Cheshire Current Intake

    Heard anything George? I imagine we'll find out this week if March is cancelled or the week after if we're on the March intake. Edit: if it's like December we'll find out on Tuesday. I'll start getting my hopes up if we've not heard anything by Friday!
  14. Cheshire Current Intake

    Thanks propidol! Speaking to someone yesterday who is just finishing probation. Apparently Cheshire is skint at the moment and they are being asked to take overtime back in lieu rather than getting paid. Doesn't bode well for March but if intake date is 27th they only have to fund 1 week before the new financial year so fingers crossed. In some ways I hope the issue is finance rather than officer numbers as at least that is going to change soon. How are you finding training propidol?