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  1. Derbyshire PC Recruitment 2013

    No problem. My advice for the interviews is to learn as much about the county as possible. Make sure that you can evidence links to the county, and good reasons for wanting to work for derbyshire force specifically. Also make sure that you are knowledgable about any recent news about Derbyshire constabulary. Also learn about the structure of Derbyshire constabulary and their force values, priorities etc.. I was also asked to talk about my personal values and how i could use these to benefit the force. So thats probably worth thinking about. Good Luck to you all!
  2. Derbyshire PC Recruitment 2013

    I went through derbyshires recruitment process last year. We had local interviews before the assessment centre. There was a formal interview as part of the assessment centre but no further interview after that. Just medicals/fitness etc.
  3. Stab vests

    Specials and PC's are still wearing the black stab vests, there is the proviso that they should be wearing the High Vis Harness over the top. PCSO's have now been issued with the Full High vis stab vest covers. There are rumours that they will start issuing these to PC roles aswell due to complaints about the heat and weight of wearing another harness over the top of an already heavy piece of kit. I aggree that the Black looks alot smarter though!
  4. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I am on the june intake as far as i know at the moment. cant wait to get my formal job offer! best of luck and dont worry too much. all the people at occ health were really nice!
  5. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    medical history review, blood pressure, lung capacity, hearing, grip strength test, touch your toes, weighing, height measurement. Thats all i remember. this is with a nurse. you then meet with the doctor who decides wether you are healthy enough for duty. if so he seals your records and signs to say all is good. Good luck! you on the june intake?
  6. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    well done to everyone who got good news today. its been great to be part of the commradery on here and nice to see everyone supporting each other. I look forward to meeting some of you in june hopefully!
  7. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    i got it june date!
  8. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    It certainly feels that way! It certainly feels that way!
  9. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    good luck to everyone today!!
  10. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Nothing here
  11. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    As I understood it they are sending them together as a score would just be a meaningless number this time round. I really hope so anyway
  12. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    i think the pass mark is 50. its a bit irrelevant this time round as they are taking the top 80 scorers. the only way to secure a place would be to be one of those 80. they are however keeping a reserve list to replace those candidates who fail their medical/fitness.
  13. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Feeling more positive than i thought I would but still not sure its enough. Its 14 working days so closer to 3 weeks really.
  14. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    Just spoke to a couple of colleuges who trained at ryton. Apparently theres loads of parking. Cant wait for it to be over now, then i can just go into hibernation for a month!
  15. Derbyshire Info Sessions

    anyone know anything about the parking situation at Ryton?