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  1. travel to work

    I've found this website helpful in the past for locating parking spaces If you can't find anything near by perhaps you can park a little further out and get a bus into Kingston? They do have great bus links.
  2. Transfer to Met

    I wasn't too sure if the Met could utilise my recent vetting or if they'd have to conduct their own. It took about 4 months last time. Hopefully there will be some information swapping between forces/departments. Surrey have closed regular recruitment now - I guess their pool is too full. It's a shame they're not utilising it more.
  3. Transfer to Met

    Your post has been very helpful saffaguy - thanks for taking the time to respond. The email I received from Surrey stating intake will be 6 - 12 months is in keeping with Jan 2015 you mentioned as they sent the email in Jan 2014. It's frustrating and the lure of the joining the Met more quickly than waiting at Surrey is appealing but there are pros and cons I should consider. Either way, I've completed the online pre-job questionnaire and eligibility test - no sight of the competency test yet though. Am I right in thinking that this will be released to me after the closing date stated for this round in the Apollo email? Or should I expect to receive and complete the competency test prior to the date? Date is 21st April. Not really clear in the auto email I received but thought you may know as you've been through it already.
  4. Transfer to Met

    Hi saffaguy - from your post it sounds as though you only submitted an application form to Surrey and didn't hear back? Is that right? And then you applied to the Met at the same time? If that's the case, my situation is a bit different - I studied and passed the PLC, passed application, fitness, assessment and vetting but Surrey are still unable to confirm a start date. Their last email in Jan said I will most likely be on intake in the next 6 - 12 months pending I pass my medical and references (and they won't send a medical invite until they have confirmed an intake date) but by that point it will be nearly 2 years from point of application (even longer if I count from when I started the PLC) and then there is still no guarantee of a job at the end. Meanwhile my assessment pass mark only lasts so long and if I want to transfer I need to consider it in the next couple of months or I will have to do it all again. Met recruitment weren't much help. They said they were unsure if I could skip parts of the recruitment process and go straight into Day 2; they were under the impression I would have to apply from scratch and that I can't transfer my application which I know isn't right.
  5. 90s night... Lipstick, check, check, nail polish, check, check, eyeliner, check, check.

  6. Transfer to Met

    Hi all - I was thinking of transferring my PC application from Surrey to the Met - I'm waiting on a medical/intake date from Surrey but it's been over a year and the waiting game is not fun! Has anyone been through this process before? Do you know if my vetting will need to be re-done and if I will need to complete their online competencies? I will try giving Met recruitment a call tomorrow and find out but I know they're busy.
  7. RT @JarethMusic: ###### coke obviously they won't have Jareth 👋 but they have Gareth ... #pagens

  8. Hello :) I'm helping a friend out so if you could reply with your favourite drink and an interesting fact about yourself - it would be grand

  9. So I need these in my life and on my ears:

  10. I didn't want dinner - I wanted a wardrobe