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  1. HT

    Thanks for your answer, it sounds much like I've been led to expect. Out of curiosity what was very forward about my initial post?
  2. HT

    Yes, if I get through foundation training I will go to Tower Hamlets.
  3. HT

    Certificate in Knowledge Of Policing which is a pre-qualification that the Met are going to require from external applicants before they can join.
  4. HT

    No, a number of us who didn't get onto the grad scheme were allowed to carry on as we'd passed days 1 and 2 and now have CKPs. So it's regular, external recruitment.
  5. HT

    It's for PC.
  6. HT

    Morning, I'm due to start training quite soon and after that I'll be going to Tower Hamlets. Can anyone tell me a bit about how the borough works. Has the LPM been adopted? What kind of work is a probationer likely to do (response/SNT/LPT etc)? What kind of shift system operates there? All I've been told so far to report for training at Hendon though I was under the impression that training was done in establishments around the Met area. Is that still the case? Thanks
  7. Met Officer Graduate Programme

    A number of things have moved right a bit, as well as the start date which I believe is now mid April. I suppose it takes some time to pick 125 suitable candidates from however many applied. Are you applying for it? The next level of assessent is in January.