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  1. Olympics medallion

    Not heard any more on this
  2. Response PCSO? PACE Arrests?

    In short, from my experience: Blues & Two's - Never, ever. Warrants - Been known to attend as part of SNT, front and backing buildings, community reassurance stuff etc PACE arrests - as and when, in circumstances where an indictable offence has been commited Plain clothes - It has and is being done, alot of which in a spotting capacity.
  3. Olympics medallion

    Heard nothing on this and by the above letter I am eligable.
  4. lancs final interview!

    All the best! :)
  5. lancs final interview!

    Well done mate, all the best! Any rumour or word on the next one?
  6. lancs final interview!

    How did folks get on?
  7. Close Call...

    Worth a look, will look into it.
  8. Most Useful Gadget on duty

    UnderArmour Baselayer.
  9. CNC fire arms

    A mate of mine did and was given a re-test a short time after.
  10. lancs final interview!

    Good luck mate :)
  11. Former Assault

    Only people who can help will be the recruitment team, give them a call.
  12. lancs final interview!

    Are there any ideas as to how they will carry on recruiting? Just keep going down the list of those who passed the A/C? Or would they be looking to do another A/C? Good luck to all who have the interviews :)
  13. Teenage advice

    I'd say the best route would the the Police Volunteer (aged 16+) path, followed by either PCSO or SC (like myself) :) Qualifications are all very well and good, but from a personal point of view, no grades will come close to life experience, certainly not in relation to Police recruitment.