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  1. Not heard any more on this
  2. In short, from my experience: Blues & Two's - Never, ever. Warrants - Been known to attend as part of SNT, front and backing buildings, community reassurance stuff etc PACE arrests - as and when, in circumstances where an indictable offence has been commited Plain clothes - It has and is being done, alot of which in a spotting capacity.
  3. Heard nothing on this and by the above letter I am eligable.
  4. UnderArmour Baselayer.
  5. Quite dissapointing to still see some of the anti-PCSO attitudes. Pretty glad the teams I work with are nothing like some members on here. Can't please everyone I guess.
  6. Good luck mate, fingers crossed for you!
  7. Do some research into your forces ambitions and objectives also.
  8. You would be much better off speaking with officers face to face at your local nick instead of registering on here.
  9. Like you I was a Police Volunteer before becoming a PCSO, it's a good stepping stone into the PCSO role. Like you say, your fit (and with the amount of foot patrol every day, it will be a good job!) and active and having had experience within the service in a volunteer role, with the right homework you could well be a strong candidate. Good luck, let us know how you get on :)
  10. I've watched a few episodes, I quite like it. Always a giggle in custard!
  11. Altbergs will serve you well.
  12. Any assault would almost certainly rule you out for any frontline police role, so I'm pretty sure assault on a Police Officer would fall into that bracket also.
  13. Welcome :)