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  1. Still Waiting - Leicestershire

    Thanks for the replies guys. It's really frustrating just sitting around waiting but it does seem as though it is the 'norm' Nothing else to do but hang on in there I guess?! Good luck, I hope you hear something positive soon.
  2. Hi all, It's been a year nearly since I completed the Assessment Day and Interviews etc. I've had a recent email explaining that the force hasn't forgotten about me and that any information regarding potential start dates (medicals/fitness etc) will be passed on to me as soon as they have any. Is anybody else in the same situation? When I did the Assessment Day I did it with a lot of candidates from Derbyshire Police. Maybe it's the same there as well as Leicester? Any news or previous experiences would be helpful Cheers.
  3. What is a good Assessment Centre score?

    I have received a further email explaining that I am not in contention for the April 2015 intake. However, I will be 'considered' for the intake of 20 in 2016. I've replied to the email asking HR if because I've passed everything so far, will I be guaranteed a spot on the intake. All I got back was the usual, 'can't say to much' email. I then received a further email stating that although I've passed everything so far, there's still a long way to go in the process.....I was lead to believe that all I have left to complete was a fitness and medical? Could anybody shed any light on this situation? Is anybody in the same boat? I'm very proud that I've gotten this far in the process, however, I'm beginning to lose faith that I will ever be offered a placement within Leicestershire. Especially as they've now replied and stated that there are only going to be 20 places in the 2016 intake!!
  4. What is a good Assessment Centre score?

    Ok. Thank you for the replies. It very much feels like Leicestershire are prioritising their intake on the score . I've recieved an email explaining that there are still four candidates to attend the assessment centre and their score could affect how high up the intake list I am.
  5. I've recently passed the assessment centre with Leicestershire, and have been told than although there is a 2015 intake it looks more likely that I'll be in contention for a placement in 2016. My overall score was 68 percent I was just curious to know whether this is a good score or not as they've said that the candidates with better grades are likely be offered Placements first. Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I was just curious how many others are in the same situation as myself: I have passed the Assessment Day and the Force Interview and have been sent an email explaining that although I have passed everything so far and have a good score, it looks as though I will be 'considered' for the April 2016 intake. I've sent HR an email and am awaiting a response for the following questions: I understand that being 'in consideration' is good, however, does this mean that providing I can pass the fitness and medical etc I am going to get an offer of employment for April 2016? Also, I understand that the SEARCH Assessment scores are valid for a year if I were to use them after six months to apply for a different force etc. Is my current pass mark the mark that they will use for my 2016 offer even though it'll be well over a year since I attended the Assessment Day? I'm guessing that this doesn't just apply to Leicestershire Police. Any information about the situation and similar past experiences would be helpful. Many thanks.
  7. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Any news people? A re you guys still progressing at all?
  8. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Is everybody who passed the interview and medical etc been delayed in being given a start date or have some peoiple actually started? I failed at the interview stage last year and called HR earlier to check whether the force would be recruiting this year, she said yes but it would likely be towards the middle or end of the year with a view to start next summer. This seems a bit odd if everybody has been delayed this time around.
  9. Leics regs recruitment

    Hi guys, how are you getting on? Has anybody heard when Leicestershire will be recruiting again?
  10. Leics regs recruitment

    An ideas when Leicestershire will be recruiting again anyone?
  11. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Hi all, a bit off topic, but....for those who have applied and failed at the interview stage, the force send out a letter stating that if you wanted it, feedback from the interview could be provided. Has anybody heard back yet as its been a while since I found out that I hadn't passed. I called last week but they just fobbed me off saying 'we're really busy etc'.
  12. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Thanks, its just so gutting because I honestly couldn't think of anything I should have done or demonstrated better in the interview. I have requested feedback, so hopefully that'll be with me soon. I'd love to be a special but I can't as my job required me to hold a SIA licence. They view it as having 'conflicting interests'. Just hope its not a stupid amount of years before they recruit again!
  13. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    I also got my letter through from HR today. Failed! Gutted is an understatement. I was convinced that the interview had gone really well, but oh well. I'm going to ask for feedback and if vacancies arise in the Midlands again, I'll be there. Good luck to those still in the process.
  14. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Has anybody received anything yet?
  15. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

    Had my interview yesterday and all went well. Well, I think so anyways...... It wasn't half as bad as I thought it was going to be The wait is going to kill me